The Smith Act

From the Southampton Press (LTE):

Congress, in response to the far-right’s Nazi “America First” movement of the late 1930’s, enacted the Alien Registration Act of 1940. This law made it a “federal criminal offense to advocate the violent overthrow of our government or to organize or be a member of any group or society devoted to such advocacy.”

By the late 1940’s, this law, known popularly as the Smith Act, was employed to root out Communists from political, business and social organizations.

On January 6, one of the foundations of our democracy, our Congress, was attacked, verbally and physically, by a mob. This attack was planned and directed by the head of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, with the full aid, support and cooperation of Republicans Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Lindsey Graham — and, yes, Lee Zeldin.

It is time for the Department of Justice to take action, using laws like the Smith Act.

“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” — Voltaire.

Stephen Ring

Hampton Bays

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What is Budget Reconciliation?

Biden’s economic rescue package will be passed using ‘budget reconciliation’. Here is a primer:

This from Dana Chasin (reprinted with permission):

Budget reconciliation is authorized through the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to expedite budget bills. While most legislation before the Senate can be stalled with a cloture motion that takes 60 votes to break before a vote on the underlying bill can occur, reconciliation bills pass with a simple majority of those present. With increased political polarization in the Senate, reconciliation has become the primary method for passing big-ticket legislative priorities.

The Reconciliation Process 

The reconciliation process starts with the House and Senate agreeing on a budget resolution that includes “reconciliation directives.” These directives, sent from budget committees to other committees of jurisdiction, identify the spending and revenue targets under which authors of the bill must work but do not detail what policies a particular committee should adopt. Once authorizing committees complete their work reaching their sub-topline figures, the Budget Committees assemble them into an omnibus bill to be considered by the full chamber.

While practically any policy can be tacked onto a reconciliation bill in the House, the Senate operates under the “Byrd Rule,” which limits reconciliation to policies that directly change mandatory spending (excluding Social Security), revenue, or the federal debt limit. The Byrd Rule also prevents reconciliation bills from increasing the deficit beyond a ten-year fiscal window.

If a Senator objects to any policy provision in a reconciliation bill, the Senate Parliamentarian will advise the Presiding Officer whether or not to strike it based on his or her interpretation of the Byrd Rule. Due to the Byrd Rule’s convoluted nature, senators often have to negotiate with the parliamentarian in advance to avoid a point of order that takes 60 votes to overturn.

Reconciliation is increasingly common and has been attempted successfully and unsuccessfully in recent years: 

  • Bush Tax Cuts (2001/2003) — successive corporate and individual tax cuts totaling $1.5 trillion that sunset after 10 years.
  • Affordable Care Act (2010) — comprehensive health care reform package that cut the uninsured rate by half.
  • ACA repeal (2015/2017) — repeated efforts by the House GOP to repeal the ACA; the parliamentarian ruled that abolishing the individual mandate was not reconcilable because it only had an incidental budgetary impact.
  • TCJA (2017) — corporate and individual tax cuts totaling $1.7 trillion that are set to sunset after 2025; zeroed-out the individual mandate tax penalties by rewriting the legislation to be a revenue issue.

How Democrats Will Use Reconciliation

Much of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan can be passed through budget reconciliation. On Monday, House Budget Chairman Yarmuth released a budget resolution that would allow for an increase in the short-term deficit by $1.9 trillion.

Deficit Increases for the 12 Authorizing Committees

Both chambers are expected to pass reconciliation rules this week, after which House committees must submit their recommendations to the Budget Committees by February 16th. Once committees have delivered their policies, Chair Yarmuth’s committee has a week to assemble an omnibus package. A House vote on a final package will then be expected in the last week of February. The Senate is likely to adopt the House bill as drafted instead of going through the lengthy conference committee process.

Major Stages of the Reconciliation Process 

Source: Congressional Research Service

The primary Byrd Rule obstacle for Democrats will be ensuring that the reconciliation bill only affects mandatory spending. With a dozen committee bills and only a two-week time frame, Democrats will be tempted to borrow language from the HEROES Act which mostly affected discretionary spending levels — a potential problem for reconciliation.

Another sticking point is the proposed $15 minimum wage increase. Senate Budget Chairman Sanders maintains that the resulting increase in tax revenue and decrease in public benefits makes a minimum wage hike Byrd-compliant. Other Democrats suggest creating a punitive tax for any business that does not pay its employees at least $15 an hour, a surefire way of getting around the Byrd Rule.

Multiple Bites of the Apple

The current (Yarmuth) resolution uses Congress’ budget authority for fiscal year 2021, but Democrats could take another shot at reconciliation this calendar year using the FY 2022 budget resolution process. President Biden indicates that he would like to work on an infrastructure investment package once COVID relief is wrapped up. However, some Democratic legislative economic priorities are un-reconcilable and will need to go through regular order.

Opportunity Costs of Reconciliation

Budget reconciliation entails running through the “vote-a-rama” gauntlet; a chaotic 20-hour period in the Senate where dozens of amendments are voted on in rapid succession without debate. With zero margin for error, Democrats must hold their caucus together through some politically tough votes.

Assuming budget reconciliation is successful, Democrats also must navigate PAYGO rules, which trigger sequestration next January unless Republicans agree to waive the requirement in future legislation. If no waivers are passed, beloved bipartisan programs like Medicare, farm subsidies, and military spending would face draconian cuts. Republicans were able to avert these spending cuts after passing their deficit-funded TCJA by smuggling a PAYGO waiver into a must-pass continuing resolution. Democrats could use the same tactic this year, but it could come down to a game of chicken.

Busting the Filibuster 

Senate Republicans will no doubt use the filibuster to block much of President Biden’s policy agenda. Senate Democrats could, with 50 votes, “nuke” the filibuster — change Senate rules so that bills advance by a simple majority. Then-Majority Leader Harry Reid did so in 2013 for non-Supreme Court judicial appointments after facing unprecedented obstructionism from the GOP, and Leader McConnell followed suit in 2017 for Supreme Court nominations. But Senators Manchin and Sinema have promised publicly not to vote to end the filibuster. Former opponents of ending the filibuster (such as President Biden) have hedged on the issue.

President Obama and former Leader Reid have already called for ending the filibuster, as have progressives like Senators Sanders and Warren. Vice President Harris advocated ending the filibuster to pass the Green New Deal during her presidential run.

Beyond “nuking” the filibuster, Senate Democrats have other options: 

  • Preventing use of the filibuster when considering debate on bills while preserving a supermajority requirement for actual passage. 
  • Reforming the Byrd Rule to allow more policy to pass through budget reconciliation.
  • Requiring Senators wishing to filibuster to be physically present in the chamber to prevent an end to debate, among other changes.

Almost Heaven, West Virginia 🎼

Democrats are on the brink of legislation that constituents everywhere await like manna. West Virginia’s 73-year-old Senator Joe Manchin is a full-throated supporter of the filibuster and an opponent of wishlist items such as a minimum wage increase and direct cash payments may yet vote yes. West Virginia’s Republican Governor Jim Justice, an unlikely ally, drew national attention this week when he called on Congress to “go big” with COVID relief — “don’t count the legs on a cow,” round up and bring it in. As the relief bill takes shape and center stage, Manchin on board is a critical first step.

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“Hyper-partisan and hypocritical nonsense” (Katie Vincentz, Zeldin Spokesperson)

Excellent reports on the topic:

  1. Rep. Zeldin’s Backtrack on Fraud Claims Fails to Silence His Critics
  2. EH Star: Attorneys urge investigation of ZELDIN.
  3. Twenty-two lawyers file ethics complaint against Zeldin in connection with presidential election:

By Denise Civiletti – Jan 26, 2021, 8:29 am. RIVERHEAD LOCAL

Lee Zeldin speaking on the House floor during debate on objections to Arizona election results. Image: C-Span screenshot

Twenty-two New York lawyers have filed a complaint against Rep. Lee Zeldin, accusing him of violating “the most fundamental ethics rules, including participating in frivolous litigation, making false statements regarding the presidential election, and committing, arguably, a criminal act that reflects on his trustworthiness.”

The complaint asks the Attorney Grievance Committee of the Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Third Department, where Zeldin was admitted to the New York Bar in 2004, to initiate an “immediate investigation of Rep. Zeldin’s actions and consider sanctions for his conduct, up to and including revocation of Rep. Zeldin’s license to practice law in New York.”

The complaint says Zeldin participated in “frivolous” litigation and engaged in “professional misconduct” involving “dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation” by signing on to an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit brought in the U.S. Supreme Court by the State of Texas Dec. 8 that sought to invalidate the election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — four battleground states won by Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

Zeldin was one of 126 House Republicans who signed the amicus brief in support of the Texas lawsuit, which was rejected by the Supreme Court on Dec. 11 for lack of standing, the legal right to sue.

The complaint to the grievance committee, a copy of which was obtained by RiverheadLOCAL Monday night, says Zeldin signed on to the brief “despite the fact that numerous courts in eight different states, including the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, had already dismissed such meritless claims.”

Beyond that, the complaint states, “In the absence of any evidence of systemic malfeasance or fraud, he made public statements questioning the results of the presidential election and has spent weeks undermining confidence in the credibility and integrity of our election process.”

Zeldin — a staunch, outspoken supporter of President Trump — continued to question the presidential election results “without proof,” despite the Electoral College’s ratification of the results, the complaint states.

The Trump campaign and Trump supporters brought a series unsuccessful legal challenges to the results of the election in those states.

In a series of about two dozen tweets since Election Day, Zeldin has questioned the election results, calling changes to election procedures in battleground states “unconstitutional irregularities.” He has tweeted frequently — most recently two days ago — about the need to protect “ballot integrity,” criticizing, as Trump has, mail-in voting.

Some states, including New York, changed voting procedures in 2020 to allow, as Zeldin put it in his tweet on Monday, “no excuse mail in balloting” because of the pandemic. Some of those changes, including New York’s, were made by executive orders during the state of emergency declared in the states in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Zeldin and others object to changes made to voting procedures established by state legislature — by what they characterize “executive fiat” and settlements of “friendly lawsuits” — as unconstitutional.

On Jan. 2, Zeldin tweeted: “Some insist everything President Trump & his supporters claim about the 2020 election is ‘evidence free’. That lie may be easy to rattle off, but it’s still a massive, destructive lie that will haunt them on Jan 6th & far into the future.”

On the afternoon of Jan. 6, the lawyers’ complaint states, Zeldin announced on Twitter that he would formally object to the Electoral College’s determination.” By making that announcement, according to the complaint, “Zeldin not only engaged in dishonest conduct, but also contributed to the incitement of the Jan. 6 insurrection.”

On the House floor on Jan. 6, Zeldin spoke in support of objections to the election results in Arizona in a statement he labeled in a Jan. 6 tweet was made “in defense of the republic.” He voted to sustain objections to the election results in both Arizona and Pennsylvania.

His statement and both votes came on Jan. 6 after a large mob of Trump supporters violently attacked the Capitol while Congress was in a joint session to certify the Electoral College, as required by the Constitution.

The mob stormed the Capitol following a 90-minute “Save America” rally in the Ellipse park at which Trump aired his grievances about the election he claimed was stolen by Democrats and “weak” Republicans. Trump urged the crowd to go to the Capitol, where Congress was beginning to count and certify the Electoral College ballots.

The Trump mob stormed the Capitol, breaching barricades, overwhelming Capitol Police, breaking doors and windows and entering the building as lawmakers met in both chambers. The sessions were cut short as the mob could be heard in the corridors. The lawmakers were evacuated and staff members and reporters barricaded themselves in offices.

The chaotic scenes were broadcast live on television and circulated on social media, capturing Trump supporters chanting “Hang Mike Pence” — someone had erected a gallows outside the Capitol during the riot — and searching for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats. Members of the mob broke into offices and into both chambers of Congress.

Zeldin issued a statement that afternoon urging “everyone to please cooperate with the Capitol Police who need to gain control of this situation immediately.” He said the violence being witnessed by America “should never be the scene at the US Capitol” and said there should be “ZERO tolerance for violence in any form!”

The riots resulted in the deaths of five people, including a uniformed Capitol Police officer who was beaten to death by the mob. Scores of other officers were injured, some seriously.

Seven hours later, after the building was secured and the crowd was dispersed, Congress resumed its constitutionally mandated count. Some shaken Republican senators withdrew their support for objections after the riot, which left only two objections supported by senators to be brought to the floor of each chamber for a vote. (Without support in the Senate, there is no vote in either chamber.) A planned objection to Georgia’s results was withdrawn, and no senators signed onto the House’s objection to results in Michigan and Nevada.

“Even after the bloodshed and terror at the Capitol, Rep. Zeldin again asserted his baseless objections to the election results,” the lawyers complaint to the grievance committee states.

“He took to the floor of the House of Representatives, and in a speech riddled with misinformation and misrepresentations, challenged the results of the Arizona and Pennsylvania elections…” the complaint states.“Disregarding the will of the people, Rep. Zeldin sought to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters, which is particularly egregious conduct for an attorney who has been elected to high office and sworn an oath to uphold the constitution,

In a brief interview Monday following a news conference he held in Manorville, Zeldin said he had not heard anything about the complaint and could not comment on it.

Asked if he was willing to state that the 2020 presidential election was a free and fair election and constitutionally valid, Zeldin replied, “This was a free election. And we did go through the entire constitutional process.” That process includes a certification of the Electoral College vote, he said.

“After every Republican presidential win over the last generation, there have been objections that have been followed,” Zeldin said.

“At the end of that constitutional process, the first thing I did was put out a statement that says, regardless of whether you supported President Biden or or President Trump, regardless of your the opinions and passions everyone has, once Congress certifies the results, it’s over,” Zeldin said.

On the evening of Jan. 7, Zeldin issued a statement acknowledging Biden’s election.

“Moving forward, there will be continued debate and there will be disagreement, but out of that must be a healthy, guarded and even thriving republic,” he said in the Jan. 7 statement. “Right now, I am not going to dwell on any doubt, but to recommit to working towards a vigorous defense of lady liberty at all costs, and the pursuit of unity whenever possible,” he said.

The congressman reiterated Monday he still has “an issue with” changes made by executive order or otherwise to the electoral process established by state legislatures.

The lawyers’ complaint was filed with the court in Albany, where Zeldin was admitted to the New York bar in January 2004. The Shirley resident earned his law degree at Albany Law School in 2003.

The lawyers in the complaint urge the New York bar to “send a powerful message to the public that the legal profession is committed to the defense of our democratic institutions and will not tolerate the conduct of attorneys who seek to subvert the will of the people, undermine our elections, and recklessly contribute to the incitement of violence.”

RiverheadLOCAL provided Zeldin’s office with a copy of the complaint Tuesday morning, seeking additional comment from the congressman. Tuesday night, Zeldin spokesperson Katie Vincentz dismissed the complaint as a partisan attack.

“Nearly every single one of these attorneys is a registered Democrat and half have donated to Congressman Zeldin’s opponents,” Vincentz said in an email. “One even ran as a Democrat in the Town of Brookhaven and another was chairman of the East Hampton Town Democratic Committee for almost 20 years,” she said.

“The eagerness of these partisan Democrats to further divide our community and country is despicable,” Vincentz wrote.

She reiterated Zeldin’s statements Monday that Democrats have raised objections to Electoral College vote counts after the election of Republican presidents.

“It’s an incredible double standard that if Republicans object as well on the same date in the same place as part of the same process, then that makes them all seditious traitors,” Vincentz said.

“Anyone who wants to call out a Congressional Republican for supporting an objection on January 6th needs to put up their past statements calling out every Congressional Democrat who objected in the past,” she said. “If those public calls don’t exist, their calls now are just hyper-partisan and hypocritical nonsense.”

Editor’s note: This article was amended post-publication to add further comment from Rep. Lee Zeldin’s office provided Tuesday night.

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Lee Zeldin Must Be Held Accountable

In this weeks Long Island Advance, by Shoshana Hershkowitz

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Two-faced Lee. Version 2021

These two letters were sent out the same day to different recipient lists!

SWEET LEE (Jan 21, 2021)


Dear xxx,

Ideally, the commitment of all Americans each and every day should be to work towards unity and pursue a better course for our nation. Oftentimes, we will not agree on exactly how to best move America forward, but how we debate and disagree is especially critical. Respectful disagreement is a protected and treasured American value, and there will be many vibrant debates to be had over the next four years. Let us work towards ensuring they will always remain in the spirit that serves the betterment of our great country.President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris took a sacred oath yesterday to our Constitution and our country as part of yesterday’s peaceful transition of power in a ceremony that has long been familiar to and celebrated by freedom-loving Americans.The months and years ahead are filled with great challenges and great opportunities for a country that truly does need less violence in our streets, more positivity in our hearts, and more understanding among our people.

Best Regards,Lee Zeldin
Member of Congress

NASTY LEE (Jan 21, 2021)


Today is the first full day of the new Biden-Harris administration, which means it’s the first full day of Democrats jamming through their very disastrous priorities for America.

Logan sent you an email yesterday outlining Biden’s 100 day plan that will destroy small businesses, eliminate jobs, weaken our pursuit of energy independence, and embolden our adversaries like Iran by rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal as is.

Biden, Harris, and Pelosi have made one thing clear, friend: their priorities aren’t our priorities and the rest of us better not sit back one minute and go quietly into the night while the country we love gets rolled.

This is why my team started the 48-hour Fight for Lee Fund yesterday.

We still have a few hours until our deadline, and we still need $5,450 to reach our fundraising goal!

Join in our fight against the radical left’s power grabs and ideologies. Donate a 2X-MATCHED gift now! >>>

Thank you,



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Letter to Zeldin about Impeaching Trump

This is a letter sent to Lee Zeldin on Jan 12th urging him to vote for impeachment of Trump. (I was having trouble posting until now). Although I knew it would have no effect in persuading him, I thought it important to say these things anyhow.

Rep Zeldin, it is not too late.  You have one last chance for redemption.  That chance is joining your principled Republican colleagues to impeach President Trump.

You have been instrumental in creating the environment that led up to an armed insurrectionist mob storming the Capitol and threatening our democracy.  Shortly after you were elected to your first term you addressed a meeting of Oath Keepers.  Oath Keepers is one of the far right armed militia groups that went all in on storming the Capitol on Jan 6.  They’ve been lusting for armed uprising and civil war for years.  More recently, during Trump’s first impeachment, you were one of the Congressmen who participated in the storming of the SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities) inside the Capitol during a hearing involving classified information.  This, in spite of the fact that you already had secured access to the SCIF.  The room was entered by force and security protocols were breached.  Afterwards you spoke at a press conference praising this illegal action, thus abusing your position as a Congressman to set a terrible example of the lawless exercise of force to enter a secured area in the heart of the Capitol.

The worst of all was your vote to object to the certification of President-elect Biden’s wins in Arizona and Pennsylvania, AFTER the House chamber itself had been invaded by an angry mob baying for blood.  There was no more ambiguity at that point about what the “stop the steal” rhetoric, led by President Trump and echoed by you, would lead to.  It’s no use hiding behind sophistic and pettifogging language about “legal” votes and “investigations”.  It was plain as day that you were aiding and abetting resistance to the peaceful transfer of power, and encouraging the delusion that the 2020 election was not free and fair, and that Trump should be declared the winner.

If ever a President fit the description of what the nation’s founders had in mind when they wrote the power to impeach the President into the Constitution, it is President Trump.  Even before the election he refused to commit to the peaceful transfer of power should he lose.  He in fact refused to concede the possibility that he could lose.  That is the behavior of a dictator.  Then, after he lost, he convinced millions of Americans that the election was rigged, broadcasting the “stop the steal” lie through Twitter and other media.  On Jan 3rd he called the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensberger, and cajoled and threatened him to “find” the votes necessary to make him the winner in Georgia, even going so far as to name the exact number of votes Raffensberger needed to “find”.  This followed multiple calls and meetings with state officials overseeing elections pressuring them to overturn the election result in their state.  During all this you gave your backing, even though you are a Congressman sworn to defend the Constitution, to this effort to cast into doubt and perhaps nullify the verdict of millions of voters in various states, all based on what you must have known, as a lawyer and educated person, was a lie.

Then on Jan. 6th Trump addressed a mob which he himself had summoned to Washington using inflammatory rhetoric, demanding that Vice President Pence act in clear violation of the Constitution and simply arbitrarily declare Trump the winner.  The mob, as we all know, then marched to the Capitol, overpowered the Capitol police who for reasons yet to be explained fully were unaided by any other federal agency, and smashed their way into the Capitol building itself, chanting, amongst other things “Hang Mike Pence!”.  A Capitol police officer was fatally injured and other Capitol police officers were also injured.  The legal and Constitutional process underway of counting the electoral votes was interrupted.  The Vice President, Senators and Representatives were forced to flee for their lives to a secure location.  Only after several hours, when reinforcements from the Washington D.C. police arrived was the Capitol cleared of the angry and bloodthirsty mob, after an orgy of pillage and looting had occurred, including the theft of electronics possibly containing classified information.  It was only through both the bravery and quick thinking of certain outnumbered  Capitol police officers that much worse did not occur, including the injury or murder of the Vice President, Senators, or Representatives.

Meanwhile, as all this was occurring President Trump was in the White House watching television.  He refused numerous pleas coming from both those besieged in the Capitol and from officials of his own Administration to do something and summon help to clear the Capitol of the angry mob.  In fact, reports are that he appeared to be enjoying himself and was pleased by the events that were occurring at the Capitol. During the critical hours the Capitol building was occupied by an insurrectionist mob, there was, in effect, no President of the United States.  Donald Trump had abdicated his responsibility to preserve and protect the Constitution.

It is impossible for me to believe that you seriously think the behavior of President Trump is not impeachable.  If his behavior is not impeachable what is the meaning of the impeachment clause in the Constitution?  What would a President need to do to be impeached?  Commit murder?  Defect to Russia?  Clearly that’s not what the founders had in mind by the phrase “high crimes and misdemeanors”. 

This is your last chance to change your course and act in defense of our democracy instead of in defense of one autocratic and delusional man.  Think about how you will be judged by history.  Think about your daughters and what kind of country they will live in.  Please, please think about the good of the country instead of pandering to the worst part of your “base”.  This is your last chance to redeem yourself and act as something other than a political robot.

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Zeldin is Trying to Invalidate Millions of Votes

By David Friedman in Smithtown News 1/7/21

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Saw it Coming

By David Friedman, in Smithtown News Jan 14, 2021

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Corporate America Weighs In

From Robert A. Cohen, Esq. and Laura Ahearn

Source:  Washington Post

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Attacking the Heart of Our Democracy

The Capitol building symbolizes the heart of our democracy; it is the place where the people’s will — the certification of the next duly elected president of the United States — is carried out. 

After hours of chaos and sickening violence erupted on Wednesday — the horrors perpetrated by the lawless mob that laid siege to the Capitol, lawmakers barricaded in offices fearing for their lives, countless attacks, and five dead — the desecration of the symbols of our democracy ended, but the legislative assaults were just beginning. 

As Congress reconvened to do their sworn duty, our congressman, Lee Zeldin, in direct violation of the oath of office he took to uphold the Constitution, voted to reject the state-certified election results of Arizona and Pennsylvania. Think about that. He sought to throw out millions of lawfully cast ballots, all the while knowing full well that the results had been legally challenged multiple times and were irrefutably legitimate.

The mob may have physically trashed the People’s House, but it was Zeldin and 146 fellow Republicans who drove a rhetorical stake through the heart of our democracy, attempting a legislative coup. He should never be allowed to walk the hallowed halls of the Capitol again.



Letter to the Editor printed in The East Hampton Star, January 14

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A Letter to Lee Zeldin

I tried to leave a message for Zeldin at the Patchogue office but the answering machine instructed constituents to email his office with a comment. I share the comments I emailed to Zeldin with you. I hope many take advantage of the opportunity to express our serious reservations of Zeldin’s positions. Steve Ludsin

Dear Congressman Zeldin,
I must protest your vote to challenge the electoral college and then send an email dated January 9, 2021 where you stated that you returned home from our nation’s Capitol after witnessing firsthand from inside the House chamber on Wednesday the best of America clash with some of the worst of it in a moment of your life you will never forget. I agree with your view that the vandalism and loss of life at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday was totally unacceptable and there must be ZERO tolerance for violence in any form.
Sadly your constant support of the electoral college challenge due to an alleged rigged election encourages the very violence you condemn. You need to rethink your position.
Thank you for considering a constituent’s viewpoint. We both served on the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council at different times. The attack on the Capitol was similar to Kristallnacht and we know what the results of that attack became.

Steve Ludsin

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Frustrations Boil at Pace of Vaccinations at Long-Term Care Facilities

Our local ‘Retirement’ facility

The Trump administration raised hopes of a speedy process for nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Patience is wearing thin.

By Rebecca Robbins

In mid-December, a top Trump administration official floated an enticing possibility: All nursing home residents in the United States could be vaccinated against the coronavirus by Christmas. “It’s really a remarkable, remarkable prospect,” Alex M. Azar II, the secretary of health and human services, declared.

It turned out to be a fantasy.

A month later, vaccinations of some of the country’s most vulnerable citizens are going more slowly than many state officials, industry executives and families expected. Their hopes had been buoyed when government officials said long-term care facilities would be at the front of the line for vaccines.

CVS and Walgreens, which are largely responsible for vaccinating residents and workers in long-term care facilities, are on track to make at least initial vaccination visits to nearly all nursing homes they are working with by Jan. 25. The two pharmacy chains have already given out more than 1.7 million vaccine doses at long-term care facilities.

But the progress is uneven across the country and not nearly as comprehensive for different types of long-term care. For example, thousands of assisted living facilities — for older people who need less care than those in nursing homes — do not yet even have an appointment for their first visit from the pharmacy teams, in large part because states have given such facilities lower priority in their vaccine-distribution plans.

“I’ve had facilities call me, and I’ve had people cry, I’ve had people curse, because this was the first sign of hope that they’ve had in many, many months,” said Betsy Johnson, who leads a group that represents Kentucky’s nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

“It’s just human nature to think, ‘OK, but I was supposed to be first — and I don’t even know when my clinic is going to happen,’” Ms. Johnson said.

In Pennsylvania, teams from CVS or Walgreens are not scheduled to visit some nursing homes until February, and the vast majority of the state’s assisted living facilities have not yet been scheduled for a first visit, said Zach Shamberg, president of the Pennsylvania Health Care Association.

“There’s a great deal of frustration, there’s a great deal of apprehension, as to when or if this vaccine will come,” Mr. Shamberg said.

The pace of the vaccination program has taken on greater urgency as the rapidly spreading virus continues to decimate nursing homes and similar facilities. The virus’s surge since November has killed about 30,000 long-term care staff and residents, raising the total of virus-related deaths in these facilities to at least 136,000, according to a New York Times tracker. Since the pandemic began, long-term care facilities have accounted for just 5 percent of coronavirus cases but 36 percent of virus-related deaths.

Even as the vaccination campaign accelerates, the suffering is unlikely to wane. The coming months could be “the deadliest of the pandemic” for people living and working in long-term care, according to an analysis released on Thursday by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The Trump administration announced in October that it had teamed up with CVS and Walgreens to lead a federal effort to vaccinate residents and workers at long-term care facilities, among the first eligible groups.

On Friday, CVS said it had given out just over one million doses in more than 12,000 initial visits to long-term care facilities. Nearly 8,000 visits are scheduled for the coming week. Walgreens said it had given out nearly 750,000 doses in nearly 9,000 visits to facilities, mostly nursing homes. The number of visits that Walgreens has scheduled with assisted living facilities “continues to accelerate,” a company spokeswoman, Rebekah Pajak, said.

The vaccinations by CVS and Walgreens were always expected to take several months because of the need to visit tens of thousands of facilities three times. The first two visits are for most residents and staff to get the two doses of the vaccine, with the third visit as a backup for people who missed the first clinic.

The idea that all nursing home residents could get their first doses by Christmas was not a realistic prospect even when Mr. Azar, the health secretary, floated it 12 days before the holiday. By that point, some states had told the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that they would not activate the federal program to vaccinate their nursing homes until Dec. 28. The logistics would have been challenging even if states had put a priority on getting their first doses to nursing homes.

Michael Pratt, a spokesman for the Health and Human Services Department, said Mr. Azar had been speaking only aspirationally about what states were capable of doing, since they had enough vaccine doses to cover all nursing home residents by Christmas. But that would have required that states place less of a priority on vaccinating high-risk groups like heath care workers.

T.J. Crawford, a spokesman for CVS, said the chain was making first visits to all facilities within four weeks of each state’s activating its vaccination program for nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

“This isn’t a drive-through or stadium vaccination effort,” Mr. Crawford said. “We’re visiting more than 40,000 facilities with an average of less than 100 residents, in some cases going room to room.” He said CVS was “on track and delivering on goals established and communicated early in the process.”

But a growing number of governors and state health officials have voiced frustration with CVS’s and Walgreens’ speed.

In Mississippi, some long-term facilities won’t get their first visit until Feb. 11, the state health officer, Dr. Thomas Dobbs, said this month. “We’re clearly disappointed with the progress in the long-term care program,” he said.

Some states and cities are exploring ways to hasten the inoculations.

Seattle is using its Fire Department to vaccinate nearly 1,000 residents and staff at adult family homes, a type of long-term care, by the end of January. Florida hired an emergency services company, CDR Maguire, to give out doses at 1,900 assisted living facilities that had not been scheduled for visits by CVS and Walgreens teams before Jan. 24.

In Michigan, officials have asked the federal government to let them work with other pharmacies, such as the supermarket chains Meijer and Kroger, to speed up the vaccination effort in long-term care facilities, said Bobby Leddy, a spokesman for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

West Virginia is the only state that has not activated the federal program involving CVS and Walgreens, though Walgreens is separately working with West Virginia to vaccinate 32 of its long-term care facilities. Relying mostly on local independent pharmacies, the state said on Dec. 30 that it had wrapped up the first round at its 214 long-term care facilities.

Some of the initially feared problems that could slow down the vaccine rollout in nursing homes have not emerged as serious obstacles, at least so far, according to facility operators and industry researchers.

Despite widespread worries that the vaccines’ side effects — which can include fevers, chills and fatigue — would cause staff to miss work and residents to need more care, that has not happened to any significant degree. And while there was early confusion about how nursing homes should get consent from residents or their families, that process has largely gone smoothly.

But other things are slowing the campaign. A significant number of long-term care workers have balked at receiving the vaccine. The virus’s spread is also delaying the process. People should not be vaccinated while they still have Covid-19 symptoms or are isolating, according to the C.D.C.

Outbreaks and cases of Covid-19 in some long-term care communities have led Walgreens to delay scheduling initial visits or to reschedule them, said Rick Gates, an executive leading the company’s long-term care vaccinations.

CVS has encountered the same issue, though it has not been widespread. The company has left the decision about whether to proceed with visits in such cases to local clinic team leaders and officials at the facilities, Mr. Crawford said.

Another factor is that some states did not quickly activate their programs to vaccinate people at assisted living facilities and similar communities. In some cases, they waited until weeks after they began vaccinations at nursing homes.

But many long-term care facilities include both nursing homes and assisted living. In those cases, pharmacy teams have been able to vaccinate only a subset of residents.

In Prairie du Chien, Wis., for example, a team from Walgreens on Thursday made its first visit to the local nursing home, Prairie Maison, to inject nearly all of its roughly 50 residents with the Moderna vaccine.

But Prairie Maison is part of a larger senior community, which includes about 50 assisted living residents. Because Wisconsin did not activate its vaccination program for assisted living until Friday, those residents weren’t offered the vaccine — even though they are in the same building as the nursing home residents.

“Vaccinating one group and not the other doesn’t make a lot of sense,” said Dr. Mark Grunwald, the chairman of Prairie Maison’s board.

From Kristin Stephens

Assistant Vice President, Media Relations and Public Affairs, GREATER NEW YORK HOSPITAL ASSOCIATION

See prior blog posts relevant to Peconic Landing:

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Truth and Lies

America’s 220-year history of a peaceful transfer of power — the cornerstone of our democracy — was shattered in one horrifying afternoon. On January 6, a frenzied mob incited by President Donald Trump laid siege to the Capitol, vandalizing the most potent symbols of our democracy and committing countless acts of sickening violence.

Hours later, after order had been restored and Congress resumed its constitutionally mandated duty, our congressman, Lee Zeldin, continued the assault on our democracy, legislatively, by objecting to the state-certified election results of Arizona, all the while knowing full well that the results had been legally challenged multiple times and had been shown irrefutably to be legitimate.

That 146 other Republicans also voted to deny certification in Arizona or Pennsylvania, or both, only throws the death spiral of the Republican Party into sharper relief.

When faced with a choice between truth and lies, democracy and fascism, some Republicans, like Mitt Romney, held their moral ground. Others, like Mr. Zeldin, violated their oaths to uphold the Constitution and betrayed their country.

How will we hold him accountable?

Carol Deistler

Letter printed in The Southampton Press, January 13, 2021

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Tell Truth to Lies.

By James Ewing

On Wednesday Jan 6, 121 members of the US House of representatives rejected the election results from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Nevada.

138 House members rejected the results from Pennsylvania.

Authorities have called this election the most secure in our history. No results, none, were challenged within states themselves. No meaningful fraud was detected anywhere, by any judiciary, all the way up to the Supreme Court.

And yet these elected GOP officials, “leaders” as they are called, chose to oppose the results anyway.

Our representative Lee Zeldin, was among those opposing the results of all contested states.

I have no doubt that the majority, if not all of these representatives, knew the election results were accurate. I assume their objections were based upon narrow ambitious calculations tying their fortunes to the deranged, personality cult of one very damaged man, Donald Trump.

We generally presume that our elected leaders have reliable information and act reasonably on what they know. We depend on our leaders to keep us informed, help us understand what is going on in their respective realms of authority. Leadership is defined as “an act or instance of leading; guidance; direction, the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group”.

Ideally, If we are to be governed wisely and well our leaders must tell us the truth, speak truth to lies, without posturing with what they think we want to hear. In 1868, a New York Democrat declared “if a man is ignorant, he needs the ballot for his protection all the more”. For our protection we need our leaders to be truthful. Rather than leading with truth, Lee Zeldin, along with his nefarious GOP congressional cohorts, have spoken lies to truth. By endorsing the lies of election fraud and thereby telling supporters that they actually had a chance to overturn this past election, Zeldin has utterly failed his leadership responsibilities. He has inflamed inane conspiracy theories and false accusations. And finally, last week, by thoughtless, senseless opposition to these many valid state election results, he almost certainly encouraged an actual insurrection with deadly violence done to our precious, fragile, and now stunned constitutional representative democracy.

Lee Zeldin can no longer claim to legitimately represent our constitutional democracy nor serve the good people of our CD1 district. He has lost the credibility, respect, and basic trust a real leader deserves. He should resign immediately from his position.

He and his various colleagues in opposition are now probably even liable for the federal crime of sedition—“conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state; incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government”.

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Trump: the worst president in the history of the United States

Author Karl Grossman

Reprinted from The Times of Israel

By Karl Grossman

About the Author Karl Grossman is a professor of journalism at the State University of New York/College at Old Westbury who has specialized in investigative reporting for 45 years. He is the host of the TV program “Enviro Close-Up,” the writer and presenter of numerous TV documentaries and the author of six books.

The impeachment of Donald Trump — the first president of the United States to be impeached twice — is fitting for the worst president in the history of the U.S.

The attack by his supporters on the Capitol in Washington, D.C. — lawless, an attack on democracy, a U.S. counterpart of the rise of Nazism in Germany in the 1930s.

It was a horror representative of his tenure.

As stated in the resolution titled “Impeaching Donald John Trump, President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors,” he “incited violence” against the government of the United States.” It noted that at a rally of Trump supporters before the insurrection, “he reiterated false claims that ‘we won this election, and we won it in a landslide,’” and “encouraged …lawless action at the Capitol.” And this “followed his prior efforts to subvert and obstruct the certification of the 2020 Presidential election. Those prior efforts included a phone call…during which…Trump urged the secretary of state of Georgia, Brad Raffenberger, to ‘find’ enough votes to overturn the Georgia Presidential election results and threatened Secretary Raffenberger if he failed to do so.”

“In all this,” the resolution continued, Trump “threatened the integrity of the democratic system, interfered with the peaceful transition of power…”

Trump, “by such conduct, has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security, democracy, and the Constitution if allowed to remain in office, and has acted in a manner grossly incompatible with self-governance and the rule of law.”

David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, among the most respected publications in the U.S., wrote immediately after the election of 2016 in a piece entitled “An American Tragedy” — “The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency is nothing less than a tragedy for the American republic, a tragedy for the Constitution, and a triumph for the forces, at home and abroad, of nativism, authoritarianism, misogyny, and racism.”

Peter Baker, the chief White House correspondent for The New York Times wrote a front-page piece last month about how the “final days of the Trump presidency has taken on the stormy elements of a drama more common in history or literature than a modern White House. ….At times, Mr. Trump’s railing-against-his-fate outbursts seem like a story straight out of William Shakespeare, part tragedy, part farce, full of sound and fury.” And he quoted a Shakespearian scholar at Harvard University, Jeffrey R. Wilson, author of the book Shakespeare and Trump, saying: “We’re approaching the end of the play here and that’s where catastrophe always comes.”

It came on January 6 in the assault on the Capitol.

“If inciting an insurrection is not enough to get a president impeached, what is?” asked Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas before the House vote for impeachment.

Trump had tweeted is followers on December 20th — “Big protest in DC on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

It was wild, and deadly.

In a speech in front of the White House on January 6th, addressing his backers who had arrived, he declared: “We’re going to walk down Pennsylvania Avenue…and we’re going to the Capitol.” He added: “You have to be strong.”

Trump’s call was preceded by his lawyer, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani proclaiming “let’s have trial by combat.”

Giuliani took an oath to be an attorney to adhere to rule of law and represented Trump in many court challenges to Trump’s election defeat with claims that judges found totally untrue. But Giuliani opted instead, in violation of that oath, for “trial by combat.” The New York State Bar Association this week announced it was launching an inquiry into whether to remove Giuliani from its ranks for his comments at the Trump rally.

Trump tapped into a vein of racism and other poisons in the United States.

As a Jew with all members of the families of both my paternal and maternal grandparents who did not get out of Hungary and Poland in time murdered in the Holocaust, my heart stopped seeing one of the Trump supporters rioting at the Capitol sporting a shirt saying “Camp Auschwitz” and below that arbeit macht frei.

I’ve been amazed that some Jews in the United States and Israel have been big supporters of Trump. His throwing the Kurds under the proverbial bus — his conferring with Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Israel-hating president, which was followed promptly by the attack on the Kurds by the Turkish military —demonstrated for Israel that Trump cannot be trusted.

Trump will turn on a dime.

I grew up in Queens in New York City, not far from Jamaica where Trump was raised. There are lots of Jews in Queens, of course. And Trump learned to “play” with them.

But should any Jew — indeed could anybody — trust him? Ask that of his former longtime personal attorney whom he abandoned, Michael Cohen, the son of a Holocaust survivor, who has been full of disclosures since. Trump, he has emphasized, is a bigot. And says Cohen of the “Trump I know in a nutshell…he  projects his own sins and crimes onto others, partly to distract and confuse but mostly because he thinks everyone is as corrupt and shameless and ruthless as he is; a poisonous mindset I know all too well.”

Good for the Jews, good for anybody for any length of time? No.

Carl Bernstein, the U.S. journalist of Watergate fame, says Trump “will be in our history books as a dark, dark stain unlike any president of the United States.” And Bernstein investigated U.S. President Richard Nixon, forced to resign because of the Watergate scandal.

My rabbi, Dan Geffen, wrote to congregants after the Trump-incited attack on the Capitol about the Rabbinic sage Aytalyon saying: “Sages, be careful with your words! So as not to warrant the punishment of exile and be exiled to a land of ‘evil waters’ and the disciples who follow you drink and die, and thus the name of heaven becomes profaned.”

Said Rabbi Geffen: “There are numerous times in our tradition when the rabbis instruct us to guard our words carefully. Just as Creation begins with words, so too can destruction. Just as words of Torah are like mayim chayim (life-giving waters); words of hatred, selfishness and division are like a poisoned well. What we witnessed yesterday in Washington was a sad and painful reminder of the prescience of Avtalyon’s warning and the danger that is posed to all when words are perverted and weaponized. So let us not waste our breath on equivocations and calming platitudes. What happened yesterday was a disgrace — a stain on this country and its most fundamental principles, values and ethics. Every single one of us must feel the pain and shame of this moment, because it is now a part of our shared history.”

“The future of our country and our community will be defined by how we choose to respond to the stoked barbarism on display in the Capitol yesterday. And in this simple fact, I am filled not with despair, but with hope….These are indeed fraught times. Times filled with anger, pain, grief and a loss of hope. And it would be irresponsible to suggest that the problems and challenges we face as a country are easily addressed. Nevertheless, just as words of division can be used to poison the proverbial well; words of unity, hope and purpose can help clear and purify the miasma. There is much to be done to repair the fabric of our society, and we all have an important role to play in its repair. So let each of us do everything in our power to use the ignoble events of January 6, 2021 as motivation to inspire us to work together to return our beloved country to a land truly flowing with the life-giving waters of liberty, justice and equity for all!”

Trump has been a nightmare for the United States of America.

Thank heaven and a lot of hard political work that he will soon be gone, his final days concluding with a despicable, awful, violent attack on democracy.

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Zeldin: undermining America

Letter to the East Hampton Star:

Dear David,

Hours after Trump’s zealots stormed and ransacked the Capitol, Lee Zeldin voted “yes,” objecting to the electoral vote count that certified Joe Biden’s Presidential win.

Preventing that certification was precisely the goal of the violent mob. Knowing that the attempt was doomed to fail in any case, a refusal to join in that goal would have been the morally right thing to do.  

To justify his vote, Zeldin claimed that “many of my constituents have been outraged and demanding that I voiced their objections.”  While it’s true that the majority of CD1 voters supported Trump, no evidence suggests that more than a minority of these disappointed voters believe the thoroughly discredited assertions that, to quote Zeldin, “rogue election officials, secretaries of state and courts circumvented state election laws.”

My husband and I worked for 17 hours at an East End polling place on Election Day, witnessing first-hand a scrupulous, bi-partisan adherence to procedure.  

We are also Mr. Zeldin’s constituents, and we are outraged at his pious calls for unity after having cast his vote to support the entirely partisan effort to undermine American’s faith in the very electoral process that keeps him in office.  

Annie Davison

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Zeldin should resign now or be deposed: “A Conspiracy of Dunces”

FROM:Stephen Ring, Hampton Bays 

Over the past almost eight years, I have written many “Letters To The Editor” (Southampton Press) and even more emails and blogs attacking Lee Zeldin for his connection to the Ultra Right Neo Nazi Teabaggers. I am sure there were those who shrugged their shoulders and said … Oh Yeah, Right Steve ! Today, I received an email from “The Daily Kos” which contained a tweet and two pictures from award winning Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss. These pictures say it ALL !

An additional note: We, on the East End of Long Island are fortunate to have, one of the best local newspapers in the country, The Southampton Press. This week, Phil Keith, a True Republican, in his column “Mostly Right”, has a great article “A Conspiracy of Dunces” – A MUST READ.

Congressman Lee Zeldin, along with his Republican colleagues – Reps. Chris Jacobs, Nicole Malliotakis, and Elise Stefanik – by their actions, endorsed the acts of terror and insurrection we saw on Wednesday. Many Republican Senators and Congresspeople stood up for our democracy while Zeldin and his extremist allies trashed it and demonstrated his complete contempt for the people of the United States. They must resign and they must resign now!

Please join New Yorkers across the state sign this petition demanding their resignation.

From Jay S. Jacobs:

Earlier today, I called on Republican Representatives Chris Jacobs (NY-27), Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11), Elise Stefanik (NY-21), and Lee Zeldin (NY-01) to resign for their complicity in yesterday’s deadly insurrection on the US Capitol.

Representatives Lee Zeldin, Nicole Malliotakis, Elise Stefanik and Chris Jacobs have not only violated their oath of office, they have disgraced the districts and state that they represent. These four have spent weeks and months delegitimizing our electoral process thereby  undermining our faith in our democratic institutions. Yesterday, we saw the grave consequences of supporting such divisive and false claims.

These Elected Officials do not deserve to hold office and represent New York. If you agree, please sign this petition demanding their resignation.

After supporting these lies against our democracy by a narcissistic authoritarian in the White House who wanted to cling to power, they must resign. I hope you can join me in calling for their resignation.

Thank you,

Jay S. Jacobs


P.S. In case you missed it, click here to watch Chairman Jacobs’ interview with News 12 Long Island last night!

From Stephen Ring (Hampton Bays):

I am sure, like me, you are disgusted by the attempted coup yesterday in Washington DC. While one usually feels powerless, at these times, I am hoping, with your help, we can achieve something positive.  

With your help and possible contacts, I would like to start three petitions against Lee Zeldin.

1. Petition to Nancy Pelosi asking her not to seat Lee Zeldin as he betrayed his oath to defend the United States Constitution. This is within her powers to do so.

another petition:

and this petition from Vote Vets:

2. Petition to Secretary of Army to have Lee Zeldin Court Marshaled for betraying his oath, participating in an attempted coup, and bringing dishonor to the United States Army.

3. Petition to the New York State Bar to have Lee Zeldin Disbarred for all of the above reasons.

I hope we can do something to save our Country and this experiment of ours, known as democracy.  

Stephen Ring, Hampton Bays 


From: JoAnne Young ten Doesschate

Superb video on the “never forget their names seditionists” in Congres, including Zeldin, who enabled Trump.

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Zeldin, your name is Shame

Mr. Zeldin, your name is shame.

You are either with our constitutional system of government, or you are not. And then you are for mob rule. Which is it?

Are you a leader? – def. “a leader is someone who rallies people to move toward a better vision.”

Are you continuing to promote sedition? – def. “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of the state.”

Are you a Conspiracy Theorist? – def. “promoting a theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.”

Our American Constitution is a better vision, a superb vision for mankind. Why are you inciting rebellion against it? Why are you continuing to lie to us about the circumstances of the 2020 election? Why are you confusing people about the election and spreading lies? Did you not take an oath to uphold the Constitution?

We Americans want our American Democracy to work. Impeach Trump Now and get to work for a better vision for us all, or Resign.


A daughter of America, daughter of a family who has served to form and preserve our country from the Revolution through the Civil War, WWI, WWII and Viet Nam.

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Flood of Lies

Facts still matter. That’s why Donald Trump and his minions try so hard to obscure them in a flood of lies and conspiracy theories. But the facts remain — Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election by more than seven million votes, and two months later Donald Trump still can’t face losing. After weeks of relentless, baseless attacks on the legitimacy of the election, Trump called the Georgia secretary of state, demanding that the election official “recalculate” and “find” him votes, and threatened criminal charges when his demand was rebuffed.

There are no two sides to this story; there is no middle ground. You are either on the side of democracy, or you’re on the side of a desperate mob boss president who is willing to do whatever it takes to stay in power. Lee Zeldin has made very clear which side he is on. It is shameful that he represents C.D. 1.



Published in The East Hampton Star, January 7, Letter to the Editor

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And Now, For Some 2020 Good Climate News

Get Ready to Make a New Year’s Climate Pledge

Looking for some good news on climate?  Get ready to set some priorities and make some 2021 New Year’s Climate Resolutions.

Recently @GlobalEcoGuy Dr. Jon Foley reminded me (and 60k followers) about the big picture.  Our actions, consumer choices, and habits matter. 

I find clarity in Jon’s blogs about climate.  I’m inspired by his prioritizing solutions including a Personal Action Guide.    And I trust his science.  It is Drawdown science, and Jon is their executive director. 

Jon has clearly stated that to reach drawdown, where greenhouse gas emissions stop climbing and start to draw down, we have to do two things:

  1. stop sending it up 
  2. start sinking it down

“It” being human-generated greenhouse gas emissions.

Look, maybe alot of us don’t know where to focus our efforts, he says, because we literally cannot see what we’re talking about. And then he give us a graph, three actually, in his Three Most Important Graphs in Climate Change

That’s my cue. That’s how I’m going to prioritize my actions and efforts — by using his graph, starting at the top, with a laser focus on the big first two, they are half the problem.  So first Electricity Generation, then Food/Land Use.  Third, fourth and fifth for me will be Industry, Transportation, and Buildings.

And, from the news I’ve been reading this year, it looks like entrepreneurs and governments are jumping into action finally, finally, in ways that will redirect us all from an irreversible, irreparable, climate, wildlife and human life catastrophe.

Electricity Generation – good news

  • 2020 State and Local Ballot Measures Advancing the Energy Transition
  • Here’s a roundup of the Top 11 Clean Energy Developments of 2020
  • The Biggie: We’re rejoining Paris!
  • My Electricity New Year’s Resolution 
  • switch every bulb to LED – I think I did already, but I’m checking again 
  • stop sending it up— turn off, unplug, use less (like the dryer, cd player, anything electric)
  • we installed solar on my mother’s roof, but ours is too shady.  We’d really like a rooftop wind-powered generator, maybe that will be invented soon. 

Food/Land Use – good news

Why are we letting our food choices have such a big impact on the planet? Emitting 24% of greenhouse gases?  The US is one of the most polluting countries due to lifestyle and food choices. These are our choices.

The solution-by-solution path to reversing global warming, outlined in the book Drawdown, lists food solutions as #3 and #4 out of 80.   #3 is reducing food waste, with 1/3 wasted from farm to sale and 70% wasted by households at a cost of $1500 per family a year. If Americans reduced our food waste by 50% we would achieve Drawdown’s goals in the food sector.  Hey, it saves money.  Next is #4 — eating a plant-rich diet and keeping our CAFO red meat to once a week.  Hey, it’s much healthier. Much.

Good to see this trend is happening — products and markets want in on reducing food waste. 

  • Supermarkets Moving Toward Zero Food Waste (and they are responsible for 10% of all U.S. food waste
  • Two Good Yogurt Addresses Food Waste by Launching New Product Line Utilizing Verified Rescued Produce™ in Partnership with Full Harvest
  • Streamlined menus, clean-label food, and umami top the food prediction list for 2021.
  • My Food/Land Use New Year’s Resolution 
  • reduce my food waste better than 50% – I’m going for zero, saving tons by making soups and stocks, and composting what’s left – nothing to the landfill!
  • cooking more with nuts, pun intended, protein-rich fish, shellfish — anything but CAFOs 
  • buying local and reaping all the deliciously-ripe-in-season and fresh-healthy-traceable advantages and benefits
  • stop sending it up — lowering food miles, less plastic packaging, using what I buy, no food to landfills where it just becomes methane
  • start sinking it down— with a backyard compost, keeping an herb garden, going for an all-clover lawn, planting native trees.

Transportation – good news

With electric vehicles we’re starting to make some headway and when EV’s become cheaper than gas in 2 years! the transportation sector is going to make a dramatic shift.

  • Electric Cars Are Estimated to Be Cheaper Than Regular Cars by 2022
  • My Transportation New Year’s Resolution 
  • make a 2 year plan that includes trading our VW in for an EV.
  • lower carbon miles on everything — from fish to Christmas gifts — make it all local. (OK, maybe NYS or within 500 miles)

Industry – good news

There are good news trends in the fashion industry.  They have noticed that we have all noticed — they produce 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, are the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and pollute the oceans with microplastics. The equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second.

  • My Industry New Year’s Resolution 
  • Paul Hawken, founder of Drawdown, said that the magic new-purchase-number is 6.  In other words if we all limit our new purchases to 6 a year, we would reach drawdown in the Industry sector.  My resolution — buy thrift, consignment, recycled, reused, no fast fashion that destroys the planet. 
  • stop sending it up — recycle, give and get from thrift shops.
  • start sinking in down — be on the lookout for regenerative fashion — something that actually helps to regenerate the planet. 

And I’ve saved the best of 2020 for last….

Bee populations are rebounding, up 72% in Maine and that matters to me, besides loving bees in my garden, they pollinate over 100 foods we eat, and have medicinal properties. New research is finding finding Honeybee venom kills aggressive breast cancer cells.

Two newborn whales were spotted off the Florida coast, giving a lift to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population, and while you may not be a whale-hugger like some of us, whales boost phytoplankton populations which store 40% of the world’s CO2 and contribute 50% of our oxygen. We need to triple our whale populations!

More on oceans and the arctic: Ocean Cleanup’s efforts to remove plastic from the seas launched this year and Garbage has never looked as cool as these Pacific Garbage Patch sunglasses designed by Yves Behar. One of many new products being designed from recycled plastic. Bank of America promises it won’t fund arctic drilling, joining 5 other major US banks and nearly 30 major banks around the world making it official policy to refrain from financing drilling in the arctic.

And after 12 years of effort, we’ve saved our environmental treasure Plum Island  —  historically Algonquin territory with 227 bird species counted, coastal waters of rare seagrass meadows/fish nurseries and host to grey and harbor seals.  Another step toward reversing our climate and wildlife catastrophe.  East End take a bow. 

May this inspire us all to start good climate lifestyle habits. What’s your Climate New Year’s Resolution?

Happy 2021!

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