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Bolton and Zeldin: it is comical!

Back in March of 2018 Lee Zeldin sang the praise of John Bolton: “ridiculously knowledgeable”, “chemistry and work will be ramped up”, “very underrated, amazing American”, “extraordinarily talented”, etc. And now he is a bad guy and should not testify?  … Continue reading

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Curb Drug Costs: Makes Sense For All

By Mike Anthony, on page A10 of the Southampton Press: Makes Sense For All Dr. David Posnett’s informative letter about House of Representative bill HR3 [“Choosing Sides,” Letters, January 9], see prior post herein, details key elements of Congress’s … Continue reading

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Debunking Anti-Vaxxers

Worth watching:  

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Plastic Pollution of the Oceans

LTE: Washes Up East Hampton Star January 13, 2020 To the Editor: On Jan. 5 Lee Zeldin tweeted, “So ridiculous. Apparently, this is from a new county law here in Suffolk.” The tweet was accompanied by a photo of a … Continue reading

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Trump: I will “Negotiate Like Crazy” Letter printed in the East Hampton and Southampton Press, Jan 6, 2020: Choosing Sides Donald Trump has repeatedly proposed to allow Medicare to “negotiate like crazy” on prescription drugs. Now, he is backtracking. Was this all showmanship? He … Continue reading

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Why Start a War with Iran? Trump in his own Words…

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Anti-science Movements

  In My Opinion in the Riverhead LOCAL “Anti-vaxxers embody the dangers of the growing anti-science movements” By David N. Posnett, MD Dec 31, 2019, 5:42 am The HPV (human papilloma virus) vaccine, Gardasil, is the subject of two bills … Continue reading

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Climate and Real Estate

GUESTWORDS in the East Hampton Star By David Posnett January 1, 2020 There is already evidence of a real estate slump in the United States. A housing recession is predicted for 2020. The average price of luxury home sales is … Continue reading

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