About us

“R&R” – Reachout and Rebuild

(formerly Resist and Replace)

R&R is a grassroots organization that advocates for a ‘progressive/liberal’ agenda and works to elect Democrats (or like-minded candidates)  to local and state-level government, as well as to Congress (with a focus on NY-CD1). Forming alliances with like-minded groups, R&R also seeks to empower and educate voters on important local and national issues.

One of the main purposes of this blog is to raise the awareness of our audience concerning the important political, social, and economic issues (among others) facing America.

6 Responses to About us

  1. Frances McArthur says:

    My husband and I live in Orient and are interested in joining an Indivisible group concerned with
    issues that affect the East End as well as issues of national concern.

  2. maria maggenti says:

    Hey there Resisters – I live on shelter island (off-season) and want to continue the work I’ve been doing with indivisible in LA. Let me know when you have your next meeting? Thanks! Time to change things!

  3. Jock McClellan says:

    Urgent Request to Connecticut Citizens

    Please Phone Senator Blumenthal’s Office
    Encourage him to prevent a war with North Korea
    860-528-6940 (Hartford office)

    As passions run high over important local and national issues, something far more ominous threatens: Plans of an impulsive president to launch a “preventive” war on North Korea sometime this spring. South Koreans cannot stop this. We must.

    “GOP Senator Says Trump Ready to Start War with Korea”

    The US and Korea are planning massive war games this spring—a season when North Korea resumes its habit of testing weapons. Trump’s advisors McMaster and Kelly are rumored to be about to resign and may be replaced by novitiate “Yes men” who will do anything Trump says. Trump will be under increasing pressure from the Mueller investigations and will more likely resort to war to divert attention.

    Alarmed by this convergence of events, a group of 15 knowledgeable citizens was scheduled to meet Senator Blumenthal at his Hartford office on Feb. 23, to hear his views on the ways Congress might use its legislative power to prevent a Korean nuclear war, and explore how citizens can support this.

    But his office cancelled the meeting. The group—made up of long-time peace activists, academics with expert knowledge, and members of Indivisible groups—was intent on entering into dialogue with him. So far he has resisted many attempts by constituents to get him to act on this issue.

    So, it is up to citizens to contact him to convey deep and wide-spread concern about this issue in Connecticut. If we can show him that, he is much more likely to support us with his usual skill. He needs to hear from a lot of us from all across Connecticut.

    This is urgent because president Trump has the power to launch a first strike, nuclear or conventional, on his own authority, with no one to veto him, at any time. And there is no formal restraint on his power to act unilaterally. Most experts believe that the people around him ultimately would not be able to dissuade the president if he were determined to go ahead. And the Congress has long shown that it lacks the courage to restrain a president from launching attacks, even though that is in defiance of the Constitution, Article 1 Section 8, which gives Congress the sole power to declare war. Congressmen need to reassert their constitutional power.

    Senator Blumenthal has the power to address this issue in a variety of ways. One of the simplest is for him to co-sponsor bills now in Congress preventing the president from launching a first strike without first getting Congressional authorization as required by the Constitution. You can learn about the three bills by reviewing the attached one-page summary description, or by clicking to get full information: S. 200, S. 2016, and S. 2047.

    Please phone Blumenthal’s office (860) 258-6940 to share your concerns about the Korean nuclear threat and ask him to cosponsor these bills. A sample phone script is below. If you prefer to write, here is the link: Blumenthal’s office . Please forward this, asking your friends to do the same.

    Thank you,

    Marta Daniels and Jock McClellan
    Marta is the co-founder of the Connecticut Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign and Jock is Organizer of Indivisible NE CT and Professor Emeritus, Quinebaug Community College (courses on conflict resolution and the nuclear dilemma)

    Sample Script: I am deeply concerned about the danger of war on the Korean Peninsula. I am calling to ask the Senator to please use his power to prevent the pre-emptive use of military force against North Korea without Congressional approval.


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