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Where the truth lies in Donald Trump’s tax reform pitch

During a speech on tax reform on Wednesday, President Donald Trump recalled memories of President Ronald Reagan’s rewrite of the tax code in the 1980s. “In 1986, Ronald Reagan led the world by cutting our corporate tax rate to 34%,” … Continue reading

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Trump Just Got Slapped In The Face; Landslide Win For Democrats In Fairfax County Tonight

Posted on Daily Kos By ursulafaw Tuesday Aug 29, 2017 “WTF?! The KKK guy didn’t win and the black woman did?” I wrote a few days ago that Fairfax County Virginia is ground zero in the fight against racism and … Continue reading

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Trump’s Revenge

The president’s pardon of Joe Arpaio is revolting for many reasons. Most disgusting of all is that he did it to torment anyone who doesn’t support him. By Michelle Goldberg Donald Trump gives a thumbs up to supporters at … Continue reading

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Trump nominated a climate denier as USDA chief scientist — here’s why that matters — MONDAY, AUG 28, 2017  Democrats vow to fight Sam Clovis, who isn’t a scientist and whose ignorant views threaten our food supply AMANDA MARCOTTE In all the Donald Trump-created chaos, it might seem a little odd at first … Continue reading

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Arpaio is a Really Bad Hombre

From Paul Clements (running for Congress in Kalamazoo MI) Friday, the President announced that he had pardoned notorious Sheriff Joe Arpaio on his conviction for contempt of court. When I first heard the news, I called it “a travesty” and … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Ivanka’s Business Partner

From Politico The first daughter’s longtime friend and associate is falling afoul of his creditors—and the courts. By BEN SCHRECKINGER | August 27, 2017 His vendors call him a “career grifter.” His father’s creditors claim he’s a fraud and a … Continue reading

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A Catholic Nun Schooled Paul Ryan in Humility Last Night

From It was a Biblical beatdown. Getty BY CHARLES P. PIERCE AUG 22, 2017 While the president* was fastening on his Serious World Leader face Monday night, Speaker Paul Ryan, the zombie-eyed granny-starver from the state of Wisconsin, was … Continue reading

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