Zeldin & Environment?

My letter to editor of LI Advance was published this week- 2/16/2017

Voting to loosen standards on oil and gas industries

Where is Congressman Zeldin on the environment?
Two weeks ago I visited Congressman Zeldin’s office to talk with a staff member about my concerns.  He assured me that Congressman Zeldin has a great record on the environment.  I could rest easy that he was protecting our coastlines as best he could from rising sea levels. Within a week of that meeting he voted with the Republican majority to block standards that protect us from dangerous climate pollution from the oil and gas industry on public lands.  Yes those public lands are far away but those emissions add to global warming and therefore to our rising sea levels.

So where is Congressman Zeldin on the environment?  I believe he needs to do more that just vote on our immediate environmental concerns on Long Island.  He needs to look at the bigger picture and the future.  He can’t have a “great record” on the environment and vote to weaken federal standards on clean water and air.

Jane Tierney

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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6 Responses to Zeldin & Environment?

  1. Mike Anthony says:

    Great letter

  2. Anna Throne-Holst says:

    So you agree he has a good environmental record when it comes to Long Island? Great!

  3. @AnnaThrone-Holst Umm…no! I think he is deceptive and I would like to hear more specifics, as in Jane Tierney’s letter. Anyone who sides with the climate deniers as opposed to listening carefully to the scientists that study climate as a profession, can not have a “good environmental record”.

  4. robertbrody says:

     he also voted with the republican majority that it is ok for coal companies to dump into rivers and streams. high quality environmental  agenda!

  5. Marc Rauch says:

    Jane Tierney’s letter makes the crucial point that Lee Zeldin’s anti-environment votes in Congress — which are many — have real and important consequences for our air quality, water quality, climate and way of life on Long Island.

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