“Roundtable” on Gangs and Immigration

Lee Zeldin and Bob Goodlatte held a “roundtable” on the topic of gangs and immigration at Suffolk County College of Riverhead.  With little notice and no invites to relevant local leaders or concerned citizen’s groups, those that did show up (about 60 people) were shut out of the meeting!   A roundtable usually implies that all concerned are invited to participate.  Not in Zeldin’s world.  Like his mentor, he doesn’t like dissent.

I have a copy of the printed agenda of the meeting (see below) and pictures of the protestors outside the building that we were not allowed to enter.  Students on campus were interested in all the commotion and we got to register some of them to vote!


The press was present – I am sure we will hear more about this.  It sounds like another Photo-op for ZELDIN.  Not a serious effort to help improve anyone’s life.  Here is a press report:  http://www.fios1news.com/longisland/local-suffolk-roundtable-on-immigration-gang-violence-met-with-protests#.W6Bt0VJRfOS



IMG_8969  IMG_8967






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Trump Mouths off About “Windmills”

Submitted by Judith Hope:

In an Aug. 30 rally in Evansville, Indiana, President Donald Trump made three unsubstantiated claims about wind turbines, which he calls “windmills”:

  • Trump suggested that a single turbine can be responsible for “thousands” of bird deaths. Birds are killed by turbines, but the real death toll from a single turbine is orders of magnitude lower than this. A 2013 study estimated an average of just over five bird deaths per turbine per year.
  • He repeatedly referred to “problems” when the wind doesn’t blow. It’s true that lack of wind prevents turbines from generating energy, but these pauses do not create problems that power grid operators can’t handle.
  • Trump also stated that living near turbines is noisy, enough to make someone “go crazy after a couple of years.” Studies indicate that people living near turbines are rarely exposed to average sound levels beyond 45 decibels, which is akin to the hum of a refrigerator. There is no direct evidence that the sound is detrimental to physical or mental health, although it may be annoying to some people.

Here is the full source:  https://www.factcheck.org/2018/09/trump-again-overblows-risks-of-wind-power/


Editorial remark (D. Posnett):

I can remember visiting the wind turbines off of Block Island in a chartered party boat in October 2017.   I remember,

  • they are huge when you are right next to them
  • they are completely silent – I just heard the waves, the wind and the people talking on the boat
  • there were private fishing boats at the base of some turbines, because that is where the fish were




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Don’t Make Me Laugh



By Perry Gershon:

Lee Zeldin wants you to think he’s an environmentalist. He’s spending big bucks blasting that absurd idea across Long Island television.

Don’t make me laugh.

In his four years in Congress, Lee has voted against the environment over and over again. He’s taken tens of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry to prop up his campaign.

It’s no wonder Lee opposed protecting the environment on 21 out of 22 votes.

Lee opposed seven bills on air quality protections.

He opposed protections for clean water 19 different times.

He opposed protecting wildlife eight times.

And he continues to stand by a president who insists climate change is a Chinese hoax.

Get the idea? Lee Zeldin is no friend of the environment, of clear air and water, or protecting our planet for future generations.

Long Island voters have a clear choice in November.

I promise to work tirelessly to protect the environment – whether that be our clear air, clean water, clean energy production, or protecting wildlife.

Lee’s record is clear, and that’s just another reason why he has to go.

Donate $5 right now. Let’s show Zeldin we won’t stand for his hypocrisy on the environment.



Posts on R&R (since July 2018) related to Zeldin’s environmental record:

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Zeldin’s War on the Environment

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Is Lee Zeldin Really “Good On The Environment”?

A slickly produced mailer from Lee Zeldin appeared in my mailbox this week. It touted our Congressman’s supposed record in “safeguarding our environment.” Mr. Zeldin has been very adept in pulling the wool over voters’ eyes about his actual environmental … Continue reading

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Zeldin Boasting about Environment Record?

Recently Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), co-chair of the Long Island Sound Caucus and founding member of the “Congressional Estuary Caucus”, was joined by EPA Regional Administrator Pete Lopez, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Director Carrie Meek … Continue reading

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More Bad Zeldin Environmental Votes

By Marc Rauch and Chelsea Estevez Since our last update in late August, fourteen bills impacting the environment have come before the House of Representatives. Lee Zeldin took the anti-environment position on 12 out of 14 of these recent bills. … Continue reading

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Complete Lee Zeldin Environmental Voting Record

A great resource!   D Posnett Marc Rauch·Friday, June 23, 2017 Complete Lee Zeldin Environmental Voting Record (Last Updated 6/29/17) Introduction Linked here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19e5j3Z3xupufWNReLsO-P69eL316sJDLBbf8EZDFklg/edit?usp=sharing is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet summarizing Lee Zeldin’s complete environmental voting record in Congress. Purpose This spreadsheet … Continue reading

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Lee Zeldin’s Duplicity on Environmental Issues

Marc Rauch, from Bellport, New York. had the following letter in the March 2, 2017 edition of the Long Island Advance: I was taken aback by Rep. Lee Zeldin’s “official positions” on protection of the environment, as reported last week … Continue reading

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Zeldin & Environment?

My letter to editor of LI Advance was published this week- 2/16/2017 Voting to loosen standards on oil and gas industries Where is Congressman Zeldin on the environment? Two weeks ago I visited Congressman Zeldin’s office to talk with a … Continue reading

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Flip the House — Defeat Zeldin!

By Jacquelyn Gavron & Amy Turner, July 19, 2018 New York’s First Congressional District (NY-1), historically a swing district, is represented by Lee Zeldin (R). He was initially elected with Tea Party support and is an unwavering Trump loyalist with … Continue reading

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Moral Obligation to send Zeldin packing

Published in the East Hampton Star –  the July 10, 2018 To the Editor: Offered less than 10 days into our district’s 133-day congressional race, The Star’s advice to local Democrats (“First District Dilemma”) is not only premature, but also … Continue reading

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New York’s Suffolk County Economy: Not so Hot?

Representative Lee Zeldin likes to claim that he has contributed to a “booming” economy resulting in jobs in his district (the eastern part of Suffolk county).

Lets examine this for a minute.

First, jobs

umemployment graph

This is the graph of unemployment since the housing crisis (the last major recession) in 2008.  While unemployment came down from 10% to just under 5% under Obama, it went to just under 4% under Trump.  5/6 of the recovery (83%), as measured by reduced unemployment, occurred during the Obama years and 1/6  (17%) of the recovery occurred under Trump.

Similar numbers apply to Suffolk county.  But what is the job growth in Suffolk county,  compared to the rest of the state of New York?  Well, it is nothing to brag about.  For instance, job growth between Dec 2016 and Dec 2017 on Long Island (Nassau & Suffolk) was 12,500 jobs representing 0.9% job growth.  Compared to the rest of the state or to NY City those are measly results: For NY State there were 156,800 new jobs representing 1.6% job growth over the same time period.  And if you assess job growth for the period of Dec 2014 through Dec 2017 (the period that Zeldin has been in office), it is 0.934 %.  By comparison job growth during the prior 4 years (when Tim Bishop was in office), was 1.425% (Suffolk county total employment numbers).

If job growth had been average on Long Island (equal to the NY State average), we would have had 22,220 new jobs between Dec 2016 and Dec 2017, not 12,500.  The shortfall: 22,220 minus 12,500 = 9,720 jobs are in fact jobs we could have had, if we had just “average” job growth.  Those are 9,720 jobs we lost.

Second, taxes.

Voters are not stupid. The republican tax cuts benefited primarily businesses and the super rich.  The average person in Suffolk county might see a difference in either direction by a few hundred dollars for their federal taxes. The big issue, however, is SALT (State and Local Tax) deductions.  These are now no longer fully deductible.  And we won’t see the effects until 2019.  Here is a simple calculation.  If my NY State taxes are 10,000 and my local taxes (realestate/school taxes) about 15,000, for a total of 25,000 SALT deductions, I can still deduct 10,000, according to the new Republican tax plan, so I will have to pay taxes on the remaining 15,000.  At a tax rate of 30% that is about $5000 additional taxes.  Our taxes in Suffolk county will therefore rise substantially, specially in communities in Western Suffolk where real estate taxes are high.  Zeldin tried to weasel out of this, but in the end he supported the Rep. tax bill and did not fight for his constituents. Amazing that he is now listing the new tax law as one of his achievements!  Thanks Lee!

Third: Wages

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ most recent data, average weekly wages in Suffolk and Nassau are close to the national average of $1,109 per week: Suffolk $1,217, Nassau $1,242.  But importantly wages have been stagnant and not growing. Slow wage growth indicates that the U.S. economy has not yet fully recovered.

This graph shows lagging employee pay since 2010 while corporate profits are soaring!

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.39.46 PM

From: “Paychecks Lag as Profits Soar, and Prices Erode Wage Gains” NY Times.

Wage stagnation in Suffolk county is real.  For instance average weekly wages grew by 0.4% between the 2nd quarter of 2016 and 2017.  That compares to 2.3% growth in New York State and 3.2% growth nationally.  Suffolk county was ranked 315th in a national survey of comparable counties. This does not compare well with other NY State counties:

Monroe, N.Y. 92
Bronx, N.Y. 114
Kings, N.Y. 148
Oneida, N.Y. 156
Dutchess, N.Y. 168
Erie, N.Y. 189
Orange, N.Y. 189
Westchester, N.Y. 196
New York, N.Y. 215
Queens, N.Y. 215
Richmond, N.Y. 215
Broome, N.Y. 231
Onondaga, N.Y. 247
Saratoga, N.Y. 282
Albany, N.Y. 310
Suffolk, N.Y. 315
Rockland, N.Y. 336
Nassau, N.Y. 339

Fourth: the stock market

It is astounding that Republicans, like Lee Zeldin, are claiming credit for a soaring stock market.  They will mention the tax give-away to businesses (thus increasing profits), the abolition of regulations and hard-nosed trade wars with allies and others.  A bull run based on borrowed money and a soaring national deficit seems dangerous.  Add the inflation expected from the trade war.  Accordingly, the Warren Buffett Indicator predicts a stock market crash in 2018!  Perhaps Zeldin and company, should also be credited with the crash, when it happens?

The party of “fiscal hawks” has become a joke.  They can not claim to be fiscally conservative or responsible.  The national debt now equals $176,000 for each tax payer in the US.  Watch the dizzying numbers here! We all know what comes next: sanctimonious statements from Rep. lawmakers about how we need to cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security! Oy vey.


Relevant addenda:

1) my friend writes:

It is infuriating that Trump’s only accomplishment was to inherit a strong economy from Obama.

Cynical Republicans then gave a huge tax cut to the wealthy and a little one to the middle class. All conventional economic theory says that that will provide some fiscal stimulus for the economy through at least 2018, but at the cost of ballooning deficits and the inevitable Republican calls to cut Medicare and Social Security. Why are such simple economic ideas so hard to convey to the public?

2) An interesting piece in the NYT demonstrates how essential wages are.  Jobs per se, paying so little that you can not survive on them, will not solve the problem of poverty.

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Dangerous Men

Bleached Staghorn Coral


By James Ewing (Watermill, NY)

“The GOP Republican party is the most dangerous organization in human history…dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on earth.”—Noam Chomsky, scholar, MIT.
What are these most dangerous men doing?
Oceans cover about 70% of earth’s surface and support all the planet’s living systems. They regulate weather, temperature, the food web, absorb atmospheric CO2 while producing half of the world’s oxygen. The ocean’s coral reefs maintain its resilience and viability.
In 2016 and 2017, greenhouse gas induced heating and acidification killed about half the corals on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef as well as many others around the world.
“So, you take out coral reefs and a third to a quarter of all species gets wiped out…that is ecological chaos, ecological collapse”, says John Vernon, world’s foremost expert on coral reefs. “We’ve got a mass extinction event looming,..more than an alarm bell,” says Veron. “It’s an air raid siren.”
And what are dangerous men doing? Driving our precious estate over a cliff and stepping on the gas.
The GOP party, White House and cabinet officials have essentially denied or ignored the existence of global warming. In 2008 the “No Climate Tax” pledge, signed by GOP’s Americans for Prosperity, declares economic growth shall always override environmental sustainability.
Dangerous men withdrew the nation from the Paris Climate accord which bound the globe together in efforts to halt global warming. GOP leadership were united in their praise.
Fossil fuels account for about 80 % of total climate warming emissions. What do dangerous men do?
Trump’s GOP republican party seeks to overhaul the Clean Power Plan which cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants yielding controls to less restrictive individual states and fast track emissions permitting processes by industry insiders. They repeal the Clean Air and Water Acts; ease restrictions on releasing mercury, arsenic, lead, and carbon monoxide into our air; weaken fuel economy standards; cancel restrictions on super-polluting “glider trucks”; oppose California’s electric car mandate; abandon methane limits on new oil and gas wells; revoke prohibitions on hydrofluorocarbons; expand oil production infrastructure, opening public lands to resource development; weaken the Well Control Rule and allow drilling in 25 of the 26 regions of the entire U.S. Outer Continental Shelf while immunizing extractive industries from compensatory damages; slash funding for renewable energy and efficiency research; remove scientists from advisory positions at the EPA…
“Coral (die-off) is driven by carbon dioxide, unless you stop pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it’ll go on. There’s no way around it, there’s no alternative… We can’t—as humans—can’t exist independently of the welfare of the planet.”—John Vernon. But is this what dangerous men are thinking? Really? Really?

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Zeldin’s Environmental Voting Record Goes from Bad to Worse

39555196514_33abe1f2fb_bLee Zeldin wants to Drill in the Ironwood Forest National Monument

By Marc Rauch:
Latest update:
Zeldin’s Environmental Voting Record Goes from Bad to Worse in 2018
In the first 3 years of Lee Zeldin’s congressional term (2015-2017), he earned a 10% scorecard rating from the League of Conservation Voters (LCV). This means that he voted against the environment 90% of the time.
So far in 2018, LCV has scored 22 House votes related to the environment. Zeldin has voted against the environment 21 out of 22 times, or 95% of the time.
Since our last update on July 5, 2018, Zeldin has voted:
— to undermine fisheries management tools that are essential to prevent overfishing
— to prevent implementation of vital safeguards that protect communities from exposure to toxins in the fish they eat
— to prevent EPA from implementing its standards to reduce methane pollution in the oil and gas industry
— to prevent Congress from considering the economic costs of climate change
— to undermine the EPA’s ability to protect the 64,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay watershed
— to block federal funding for the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse under the Endangered Species Act
— to support Republican Congressman Steve Scalise’s House Resolution declaring that a carbon tax to fight climate change would harm the U.S. economy
— to prevent the EPA from using funds for an environmental justice grants program
— to deeply cut funding for the EPA and cut $65 million from the budget for the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF)
— to cut funding for the Department of the Interior’s Inspector General’s Office
— to open the Ironwood Forest National Monument to mining and drilling
On the “bright” side, to the extent that there is one, Zeldin in his only pro-environment vote so far this year voted against a bill that would allow LWCF funding to be redirected to park maintenance.
Details can be found here:
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Go National or Local?

LTE published August 23rd in the East Hampton Star:

To the Editor:

The East Hampton Star editorial about a “First District Dilemma for Democratic Voters” (July 5, 2018) asks whether one should give money and work for political causes nationally or locally. The question itself goes against the grain of my experience.

There is no dilemma. Giving money to national campaign groups is a good shortcut to supporting national efforts to get money to elections where the money will make the most difference. That doesn’t preclude giving to local candidates.

For people with the time and interest to investigate, and work on, local issues and candidates, the rewards are great. As a canvasser for many political campaigns for six decades, I can testify to its effectiveness and the satisfaction it brings. It’s like investing in companies. You are more likely to succeed, and take pleasure in succeeding, if you understand the product and the prospective buyer. Nothing replaces face-to-face contact.

A successful local political effort is enormously satisfying. You see results in the people you talk to and in the election results. In New York Congressional District 1, my wife, Alice, and I have been supporting Perry Gershon. We were pleased when he won the primary, and ecstatic when his issues-oriented campaign attracted the support after the election of all four of the non-winning candidates.



I would like to add that recent  political races have yielded impressive Democratic gains (since early 2017) that were often quite unexpected.  One has to wonder what might have happened had folks abandoned their local candidates!

Read more here: Republicans Lost Support in Every Special Election Since Trump Became President

The Dem “swing” average at +16 points in elections held in 2017.

In NY CD-1 the R>D diferential was about 16 points in 2016 for the congressional race.  To win, all that is needed is an 8 point Dem swing.  That is absolutely feasible in the current environment and given the history of the elections in this district.  It is also comparable to what has happened in all the special elections. In other words, no “First District Dilemma for Democratic Voters.”

Flipping the house: an interactive map!

David Posnett



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