Moral Obligation to send Zeldin packing


Published in the East Hampton Star –  the July 10, 2018

To the Editor:

Offered less than 10 days into our district’s 133-day congressional race, The Star’s advice to local Democrats (“First District Dilemma”) is not only premature, but also misguided. As the 2016 presidential election (painfully) demonstrated, a race can turn around in the final weeks. But more important, the editorial ignores voter turnout — a key component to winning midterm elections in this swing district (which has been represented by Democrats for 40 of the last 57 years). There are already very encouraging signs that once again New York District 1 Democrats have the momentum and enthusiasm that generate winning turnouts in November. For example:

1. Democratic turnout in the June 26 primary was up 76 percent from the last primary.

2. In an online one-day fund-raiser for Perry Gershon, New York 1 grass-roots groups raised more than $50,000 in donations ranging from $20 to $2,700 (the maximum allowable).

3. Within days of the primary, hundreds of people had volunteered to work for Gershon, and more are signing up each day.

Furthermore, Zeldin is hardly behaving like a candidate who is certain of victory. Within hours after Gershon’s nomination, Zeldin started the preferred Trump tactic of name-calling rather than touting his own voting record. Why? Because Zeldin knows his policy positions are unpopular in this district: repealing Obamacare, opposing common-sense gun-safety measures, and supporting the dismantling of Environmental Protection Agency regulations, to name just a few. And it was hardly a show of confidence when Zeldin’s staff (in further echoes of Trump) forcibly removed local press from the campaign’s kickoff event, which was headlined by Sebastian Gorka. (Star readers unfamiliar with Gorka will learn much from Helen Rattray’s column, “Bad Company,” which appeared opposite the editorial referred to in this letter and which states, “Our congressman has become extraordinarily buddy-buddy with radicals and extremists of the ultra-right, bigoted wing of his party.”)

Although the editorial suggests that local Democrats should focus elsewhere, it is worth remembering that we, the voters of New York 1, are responsible for sending to Congress a right-wing extremist who allies himself with Trump, Gorka, and Bannon rather than the values upon which this nation was founded. In my view, we voters have a moral obligation to do all we can to support Perry Gershon and send Zeldin packing!

Yours truly,


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“President Trump proved not only unable, but unwilling to stand up to Putin, He and Putin seemed to be speaking from the same script as the president made a conscious choice to defend a tyrant against the fair questions of a free press, and to grant Putin an uncontested platform to spew propaganda and lies to the world.”
Senator John McCain

LEE ZELDIN IS AN EXTENSION OF DONALD TRUMP!  He has remained pretty much silent on this latest presidential debacle.

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There are Confront Corruption/Demand Democracy rallies around the country this Wednesday, July 18th, including in front of the WH:

Addendum (7/18):

Hedging their bets? Trying to minimize potential fall out? But:
Where is the primal outrage?


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Zeldin Supports GOP Shenanigans

Published as Letter to Editor, The East Hampton Star

Fiscal Chicanery

July 10, 2018

Dear David,

If you are under any illusions about congressional Republicans’ intentions to undermine the financial security of American families, just take a look at their new budget plan. Barely six months after passing a huge tax cut for corporations and the wealthy that swelled federal deficits by almost $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years, the Republican-controlled House Budget Committee issued a plan on June 17 that bemoans the “irresponsible imbalance” of the federal budget.

With stunning hypocrisy, the document states, “The federal government is spending more than it takes in. This increasing disparity is largely due to mandatory . . . spending, which includes safety-net programs like Medicare and Social Security. . . .” The plan then proposes to cut Medicare spending by $537 billion through partial privatization.

This is fiscal chicanery, pure and simple, and Lee Zeldin is fully on board with it. In November, let him know you are not on board with it. Vote for Perry Gershon, Democrat, and you will be voting for a representative who will work for real tax reform that helps middle class families and small-business owners, rather than tax reform that further lines the pockets of the 1 percent and large corporations.



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It is July 4th

I am not feeling very proud of my country.  I am sure I am not alone. Where are the reasons to celebrate?

Well, we had an amazing Unity Party on Sunday July 1st.  All 5 Dem. candidates were present and everyone congratulated Perry Gershon and pledged their support!

Then Eilleen Duffy started a 4th of July fund raiser via LVLZ asking everyone to contribute $100.  They have already raised a huge sum, just within a day or two!  Please donate here and spread the word!

Finally, I attended the July 4th “Keep our Families Together” rally in Sag Harbor along with about 400 outraged citizens :

So, yes, I am feeling proud of America’s citizens. I am feeling proud of the fight within us, something akin to what was happening to the founders, I believe.  There is nothing honorable or representative of the history of this nation in the Trump/Zeldin/Bannon/Gorka camp.  Period.  Enjoy the pictures.

The Rally “Keep our Families Together”

Unknown-3  Unknown-12






The Unity Party attended by 210+ people:

Unknown-4Perry Gershon addressing the crowd.

Unknown-7Peter Van Scoyoc (East Hampton Supervisor) addressing the crowd.

Unknown-9Christine Pellegrino (NYS assembly woman from Long Island’s 9th district) addressing the crowd.

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Press Ejected at Zeldin Kickoff Event!

Editorial – Getting Ejected At Zeldin Kick-Off  from Smithtown Matters


I am at a loss for words. Last night I was ejected from the Lee Zeldin kick-off rally, which I WAS INVITED TO, without cause. Yes, I was invited to attend the rally by the Zeldin Campaign and was credentialed by the Zeldin Campaign.  Upon arrival I was told to go anywhere I wanted to take photos, again by the Zeldin campaign. I stood in the same spot, with my credentials plainly in sight, for roughly an hour and a half before, out of the blue, I was told to leave…  without an explanation. I was forced to climb over a rope to get to the path leading to a door (one woman sneered and said “bye bye” as I walked past).  Once out the door and in a back yard area, I was mocked by a group of people. A man upset that I was taking photos smacked my camera and I was told by security to leave the Elks Club premises. All while I was wearing the press badge supplied by the Zeldin campaign and telling everyone I was an invited press person.

I am confident that my behavior was professional. This was not a ‘question and answer’ press event.  The press was there as observers.  I took photos, and for approximately one and a half hours I listened to guest speakers talk about Lee Zeldin and their impression of his work ethic, his belief in America and his relationship with Donald Trump. This was a rally for supporters meant to energize, create positive thoughts and a “can do” attitude about this candidate.

Here’s what the speakers didn’t say, and you should now know about Lee Zeldin. He, through his staff, will discriminate, try to embarrass, and arbitrarily have the invited press removed without benefit of an explanation and without cause. Another thing the speakers didn’t mention about Lee Zeldin was that his love of country falls short of the 1st Amendment rights of free speech or free press. Was the Press being invited to cover his event and then being ejected, (David Ambro of The Smithtown News was also ejected), for the purpose of showing his disregard for the work journalists do?  Was it intended as a preemptive strike against future work? This behavior was an attempt to taint the belief in journalist objectivity – after all, he can say that he had to have the Press ejected. Imagine a news article written about Lee Zeldin now…  imagine how the story is perceived by someone who learns that the writer was thrown out of his kick-off rally. Will the writer be seen as a fair source of information?

These are challenging times. Elected officials are taking unique steps to quiet the voices of those who challenge or question them. For our democracy to flourish a strong press is necessary. I will continue to do all I can to maintain a high ethical standard and I call on you to push back on abuses like this.

Pat Biancaniello and this is Smithtown Matters

Friday, June 29, 2018 at 12:44PM


Response from Perry Gershon:

Free press is a quintessential part of our democracy. That’s why I was shocked to hear the reports of a credentialed local journalist being kicked out of Zeldin‘s fundaiser in Smithtown last night. It appears Lee Zeldin is doing everything he can to emulate President Trump’s demonization of the press. Is this tactic now going to be a part of Zeldin’s playbook?

The voters of NY01 deserve a campaign that focuses on the issues that matter to Long Islanders – healthcare, the environment, gun safety and jobs. The role of the Press needs to be respected for this discussion to take place. Here is the link to the Editorial from Smithtown Matters:…/editorial-getting-ejected…d


And then there is this from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Milo Yiannopoulos, the far-right provocateur, tells reporters he hopes angry conservatives start assassinating them, and the alt-right ’14/88ers’ love the idea.*

Apparently, Milo Yiannopoulos didn’t get the memo about the need for civility in our discourse.

“I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight,” the far-right provocateur texted a reporter for the New York Observer this week. When the reporter inquired further, Yiannopoulos explained that he had simply issued his “standard response to a request for a comment.”

Lee Zeldin invites these guys as the honor guests to his fund raisers.  Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka.   Perhaps Milo Yiannopoulos will be next?

Does it feel like 1933? Yet?



*if you are wondering (like I was) what 88ers are, 88 stands for HH (or Heil Hitler), H being the 8th letter in the alphabet.


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Are We Done Shooting Ourselves In The Foot Yet?

Justice Anthony Kennedy is retiring. Donald Trump gets to pick his successor. While the Senate engages in a debate about hypocrisy and whether or not to bring that nomination to the floor for a vote, nothing less than the character and identity of America is at stake.

So, yeah, we are pretty screwed at the moment. November is truly our only shot to stop the bleeding.

The only way out is for opposition to remain united. Problem is, progressives spend as much time arguing with each other as they do attacking the right. Then there are people who simply remain in the dark because of the usual pitiful excuses “I have a job,” or “I’m just trying to raise my famly,” and other such tripe. Or they have no confidence in government (a conservative goal all along).

Lower your expectations. Let not the perfect be the mortal enemy of the good (or, in this case, the “not horrifyingly bad”). America is in a traumatic state. Our democracy is bleeding. When treating a trauma patient, you must first stop the bleeding. Trying to repair the broken bones before you stem the flow of blood and you will wind up with a dead patient.

And if you manage to save the patient, and splint those broken bones, don’t expect the patient to run a fucking sprint any time soon. Healing takes time.

Forget “Medicare for all.” We are staring down the barrel of “Medicare for none.”

Forget funding for Planned Parenthood, we are facing the criminalization of abortion in multiple states.

Until progressives wise up about those, and other matters of ideological purity, we will continue to be outmaneuvered by the right.

So I don’t care if the candidate is the next coming of Bernie Sanders or a guy like Conor Lamb. We need every single blue seat we can get.

First stop the bleeding.

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Avenue Wars!


(Sebastian Gorka wearing medal of the Historical Order of Vitéz)


Yesterday night Perry Gershon won the Democrat’s primary to face Lee Zeldin in November.  20,000 people voted in this democratic primary.   That’s a 40% increase over the 2016 primary!  It shows a lot of energy and Lee Zeldin took notice.  It took only minutes for the Zeldin folks to dub him “Park Avenue Perry” as per  It is comical that the “lap dog of 5th Avenue Trump” would make that argument!

LZ: “Congrats to Park Avenue Perry on buying his way into a general election. It’s amazing that the Democratic Party was so desperate that they nominated a liberal Manhattan Democrat who has never even voted here in a November election for Congress,” a release said. “After a primary where he continuously preached about his desire to make Nancy Pelosi the next Speaker of the House, made the disgusting comparison of President Trump’s rallies to Hitler rallies, pathologically lied about Congressman Zeldin’s policy positions, defended high taxes, and took many other out of touch, far left positions, Park Avenue Perry proved how unrepresentative to us he would be as a representative.”

It seems that the Trump voter has long since accepted  1) the outsider without political experience, 2) the mega-rich, and 3) those that do not really represent them!

But the real issues are hardly mentioned by Zeldin’s folks. Does anyone care about affordable healthcare?  How about preserving medicare, medicaid and your social security?  Who cares about the fact that job growth and salaries in Suffolk county lag behind nearly every county in New York State?   Who really cares about the enviroment?  And that includes clean energy, not just Block Island!

Finally, Lee talks about anger and hatred? What is with his choice of fund raiser guests?  Sebastian Gorka? Steve Bannon?  Are you kidding?

Gorka was an editor for national security affairs for Breitbart News,[31] where he worked for Steve Bannon.[32]   Both ofcourse were released from their duties at the WH.  Gorka failed to obtain the security clearance necessary for work on national security issues.

Shortly after taking a position in the Trump administration in early 2017, Gorka drew criticism from multiple commentators in academia and politics, who characterized him as a fringe figure in academic and policy-making circles. Business Insider politics editor Pamela Engel has described Gorka as being “widely disdained within his own field.”  Georgetown University associate professor Daniel Nexon reviewed Gorka’s PhD thesis, describing it as “inept” and saying “It does not deploy evidence that would satisfy the most basic methodological requirements for a PhD in the US”.

The Historical Order of Vitéz:  The Order of Vitéz was a Hungarian order of merit founded in 1920 to reward heroic soldiers. It entitled the bearer to the title vitéz (literally: “valiant”), as well as a grant of land. The title was inheritable, passing from father to son. Like all such orders in Hungary, it was disbanded at the end of World War II.  The U.S. State Department lists this order among organizations having been “under the direction of the Nazi government of Germany” during World War II.

Since then a number of private associations have worked to restore the order. The most notable of these is the Historical Order of Vitéz. This Order granted Gorka’s father, Paul Gorka, their title in 1979 in recognition of his resistance to the post-war Soviet occupation of Hungary.

In a 2007 video, Gorka declared his support for the Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard), a paramilitary group described by various sources as neo-fascist and anti-Semitic.

Gorka wore his medal of the Historical Order of Vitéz at Donald Trump’s inauguration. The medal was awarded to Gorka’s father, Paul, for his efforts in fighting against Hungary’s post-WWII Soviet-aligned regime. Gorka says he wears it to honor his father’s memory.

Gorka was detained January 31, 2016 at the Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington D.C. for attempting to board a plane with a 9mm handgun in his luggage. The gun was confiscated by Transportation Security Administration officers and Gorka, after being detained and issued with a criminal summons, was permitted to board his plane.[102] Gorka said that he had packed the carry-on bag without remembering that it contained a gun. A judge dismissed the charge on February 3, 2017 since he had stayed out of legal trouble for six months, in an arrangement agreed with the prosecutor.

Regarding Steve Bannon we have previously blogged on his connections to Breitbart and neo-nazi groups:


LZ decries “the left” as “filled with hate and intolerance…”    Wow. Does that sound tone deaf or what?



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