Message from Judith and Linda in re to Rev. Warnock

We know you’ve been besieged with requests for political donations and, like us, you are probably suffering ‘donor fatigue’.  However, there’s one more challenge before we can quit:  Reverend Warnock NEEDS OUR HELP in Georgia.  Contrary to rumor, Reverend Warnock’s run-off campaign is NOT awash in $$$, but there is a tsunami wave of GOP money flooding Herschel Walker’s campaign.  There are only two weeks left before the December 6 run-off, and there are a surprising number of undecided Georgia voters.  PLEASE JOIN US IN MAKING ONE MORE DONATION:  to Reverend Warnock’s run-off campaign.  This 2022 election has gone a long way toward restoring our faith in democracy and in the correctness of our cause – let’s give the Senate Democrats a little more room to continue sound policies like historic Climate Change legislation, capping prescription drug prices, and finally rebuilding the American infrastructure.

Many thanks for all you have already done!

Now, join us, with your contribution to Reverend Warnock’s run-off Georgia campaign.

Judith Hope and Linda James

click here to make your donation:

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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