GOTV 2022: all hands on board!

It looked like success just weeks ago for the midterm elections, based on polls,…well the tide has now turned in favor of our opponents. How do we make a difference?

(1) I have been donating $$ via Force multiplier.

They figure out where the money is best spent and where your money is most likely to make a difference.

Just days ago I received urgent personal emails from Dem volunteers in PA. Probably because in years past I had volunteered to canvass and to watch polls (2020 for example). NB Force multiplier also organizes volunteer activities in PA:

canvassing door-to-door

Many of our candidates are looking for volunteers to go door-to-door in these last weeks of the midterm elections. The greatest impact you can have is knocking on doors in the district. And it’s fun! Campaigns provide training.

Contact Esther Kaplan at if you’re interested in any of these. She’ll help you make plans + introduce you to campaign staff. 

(2) GOTV in East Hampton

Anna Skrenta (East Hampton Dem Party) is hosting a ZOOM this Thursday at 7:30pm

Topics to be covered:

1. GOTV materials

2. The importance of early voting

3. Canvassing – 2 final GOTV weekends

4. Issues – how to push back against the GOP attacks

5. Recent polling and early voting data

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 3012 9306 Passcode: 931548

Sign up for this weekend in East Hampton

For the final GOTV weekend 11/5-6 in EH

(3) News “from the front lines”

Together with P, I have canvassed in the Springs. We reached about 25% of the voters on our MiniVAN lists. We had 2 lists with 100 voters total, easy to canvass one list per day.

Everyone was “definitely going to vote”, “are you kidding?“. We had D (democrats), I (independents) and U (unaffiliated) voters on our lists. For those not home, we left a funny postcard with a few handwritten lines on the back:

Something like: “Sorry we missed you. Hoping that you will support Bridget Fleming and the Dem line. Early voting starts on Sat Oct 29th at 10 AM. More info here: VOTE EARLY! Your neighbors D & P

Card for VOTERS not at home

4) Feedback

This is important. It gives us hope that someone is actually noticing our efforts and actually reading the literature we drop off! Below is an email conversation (omitting sender names):

  • Hi David. Thanks for that voting reminder – great photo!  It would be hard to forget to vote, given the state of things now! I hope all’s well with you, best, A
  • Thanks so much! We knocked on about 100 doors in your neighborhood.  Your response made it all worthwhile. from D
  • To David: Nice of A to write that. At least we’re not hearing from people complaining and saying “stop littering”! from P 
  • Hi David: That makes me so happy (unlike politics, which usually do not).  You are great to be doing this. All the best, A

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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