More Bad Zeldin Environmental Votes

By Marc Rauch and Chelsea Estevez

Since our last update in late August, fourteen bills impacting the environment have come before the House of Representatives. Lee Zeldin took the anti-environment position on 12 out of 14 of these recent bills.

Among the bills that Zeldin voted for are bills that would, if enacted into law:

1. Slash the EPA’s budget by 23%, and eliminate the EPA’s Environmental Justice Program;

2. Undermine the Clean Water Rule and the National Ocean Policy;

3. Scuttle Methane Waste Prevention Rules affecting public lands and the oil and gas industry;

4. Loosen requirements for transferring public lands into private hands; and

5. Allow hydraulic fracking in the Pacific.

On the plus side, Zeldin voted against bills that would have cut funding for Amtrak and the Northeast Rail Corridor.

Overall, since the new session of Congress began in January 2017, Zeldin has voted AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT on 30 out of 33 bills, or 90% of the time.

Full details on these recent votes can be found in the Files tab under “Complete Lee Zeldin Environmental Voting Record” (updated this evening).

Link to the updated spreadsheet:

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