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GOTV 2022: all hands on board!

It looked like success just weeks ago for the midterm elections, based on polls,…well the tide has now turned in favor of our opponents. How do we make a difference? (1) I have been donating $$ via Force multiplier. They … Continue reading

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Lunch with Bob

We used to have weekly lunch meetings for R&R folks. With soup! Then came Covid. Today my friend Bob treated me to homemade lentil soup at his place. We discussed the state of the world! Are we heading towards armageddon? … Continue reading

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Covid: not yet over?

Weddings are well-known high-risk events for Covid. Guests schmooze, they laugh (emitting microdroplets), they kiss.. contacts are often prolonged, longer than required for transmission of SARS CoV2 (10 min). The newest Omicron variants are even more infectious than their precursors. … Continue reading

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Vote early!

VOTE EARLY: Early Voting Poll Site You can vote at any of the following polling places. Please select a polling place from the list below for the complete details. If you have any questions, follow this link through to … Continue reading

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