Complete Lee Zeldin Environmental Voting Record

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Complete Lee Zeldin Environmental Voting Record (Last Updated 6/29/17)
Linked here is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet summarizing Lee Zeldin’s complete environmental voting record in Congress.
This spreadsheet is intended as a resource for letter writers, op-ed writers, those who want to ask well-informed questions at town hall meetings and mobile office hours, candidates and their staffers who want to develop winning campaign positions, and, last but not least, all members of the LVLZ community who care deeply about our environment.
Sources and Updating
This spreadsheet relies heavily on information and analysis provided free to the public by the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) at LCV’s “National Environmental Scorecard” website[1]. We will update this spreadsheet regularly to reflect new votes in Congress.
Format – Cover Page and Chronological Summary
The cover page of the spreadsheet includes a table showing Zeldin’s National Environmental Scorecard scores:
2015 — 14%
2016 — 8%
Lifetime – 11%
This means that Zeldin voted AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT on 86% of the pertinent House roll call votes in 2015, AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT on 92% in 2016, and AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT on 89% for his first term overall!!!
The cover page also shows the number of Zeldin’s pro-environment and anti-environment votes in the new session of Congress that began in January 2017. As of June 29, 2017 Zeldin had voted AGAINST THE ENVIRONMENT on all 12 of the pertinent House roll call votes.
The second page of this spreadsheet is a chronological listing of all of Zeldin’s environment-related votes in Congress, from oldest to newest. This listing identifies the type of issue at stake in each vote and is color-coded to show whether Zeldin’s vote was pro-environment or anti-environment.
Format – How the Votes are Organized
In this spreadsheet, Zeldin’s votes on bills that impact the environment are divided into 11 categories of issues, each with its own tab:
1. Air Quality
2. Clean Energy
3. Climate Change
4. Dirty Energy
5. Drilling
6. Lands/Forests
7. Oceans
8. Other (e.g. public access)
9. Toxins
10. Water
Within each issue tab, the votes are listed individually by date (oldest to newest). Each entry identifies the roll call number of the vote, the LCV name for the vote, the formal name of the vote in the House, whether Zeldin’s vote was pro-environment or anti-environment, the importance of the vote for New York’s 1st Congressional District (high, medium, low), key words to aid in searches and the LCV’s one-paragraph description of the background, purpose and significance of the vote.
Two Ways to Search this Spreadsheet
In addition to being searchable by issue, this spreadsheet is searchable by keyword.
We hope you will find this spreadsheet informative and helpful. Use it wisely and well!
Marc Rauch and Chelsea Estevez

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Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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