Don’t Make Me Laugh



By Perry Gershon:

Lee Zeldin wants you to think he’s an environmentalist. He’s spending big bucks blasting that absurd idea across Long Island television.

Don’t make me laugh.

In his four years in Congress, Lee has voted against the environment over and over again. He’s taken tens of thousands of dollars from the oil and gas industry to prop up his campaign.

It’s no wonder Lee opposed protecting the environment on 21 out of 22 votes.

Lee opposed seven bills on air quality protections.

He opposed protections for clean water 19 different times.

He opposed protecting wildlife eight times.

And he continues to stand by a president who insists climate change is a Chinese hoax.

Get the idea? Lee Zeldin is no friend of the environment, of clear air and water, or protecting our planet for future generations.

Long Island voters have a clear choice in November.

I promise to work tirelessly to protect the environment – whether that be our clear air, clean water, clean energy production, or protecting wildlife.

Lee’s record is clear, and that’s just another reason why he has to go.

Donate $5 right now. Let’s show Zeldin we won’t stand for his hypocrisy on the environment.



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2 Responses to Don’t Make Me Laugh

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    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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  2. As an Environmental Research Engineer for many years, this issue is personal for me. I appreciate Perry’s laser sharp points distinguishing his platform from Lee zelDONE’s abysmal record on the environment. And the chutzpah of our current congressman to pretend that he is strongly pro environment is beyond the pale. The current administration has done more to threaten the environment (and therefore the well being of every citizen on the planet now and for years to come) in 600+ days than any other in the history of our nation combined. They have sabotaged and transformed the Environmental Protection Agency (a GOP initiative under Nixon) into The Environmental Destruction Agency in all but name only. The air we breathe and water we drink will quickly degrade and people will (literally) be sickened and many will die as a result of these actions. Lee, you have been complicit in this plot and (yet again) have blood on your hands. You are a shonda.

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