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Co-founder, Drawdown East End (, a grass roots group with a mission to inspire our community to actively engage in solutions that reduce greenhouse gases and achieve drawdown. Formerly executive director of the Guggenheim Learning Through Art program in New York, Mary moved from art to science -- working with the Cornell Marine Program on the North Fork helping to launch a community-based aquaculture training and restoration effort (SPAT), and to local food -- helping launch Slow Food East End. Mary has deep roots in the East End, for generations her family lived and farmed in East Hampton. She currently lives in Orient.

Zeldin, your name is Shame

Mr. Zeldin, your name is shame. You are either with our constitutional system of government, or you are not. And then you are for mob rule. Which is it? Are you a leader? – def. “a leader is someone who … Continue reading

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And Now, For Some 2020 Good Climate News

Looking for 2020 good news on climate? Get ready to set some priorities and make some New Year’s Climate Resolutions. Continue reading

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Friend of clean water, biodiversity, climate-friendly regenerative businesses and safe-guarding our shorelines? Read on…..

Dear Friend of the Shellfish Farmer,  If you are a friend of clean water, biodiversity, climate-friendly regenerative businesses, coastline protection, Earth and her oceans read on….. Join us in support of our shellfish farmers, and support the inclusion of commercial … Continue reading

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Anxiety, or A Day in the Life of a Covid-Vulnerable

May.  Late morning, midweek.  Parked at the curb of our village post office, I was in the passenger seat waiting for my gloved-and-masked husband to return with our mailbox key and any mail.  I noticed a 30-something couple out bicycling.  … Continue reading

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We’re all in this together, dear Earth Day

To my niece, sheltering with her cat in Queens, Continue reading

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Panic or Empowerment? Brought to You by Greta, Alexandria, 1.6M+

    photos from their instagram Feeling inspired?  I am.  Thrilled, actually, to witness the clear clarion call to climate action….. by young people who have their whole lives to live, and so much to loose.   UNITE BEHIND THE SCIENCE, … Continue reading

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The People You Meet Picking Up Beach Plastic

Serenely beautiful, surreal, spiritual.  Three weeks on the sugar-white sands of Tulum, contemplating the sometimes jade, sometimes topaz, sometimes evening blue Caribbean.  On days when the sea was perfectly flat and clear you could watch the sting rays and barracudas … Continue reading

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Spring is Looking Up. March 15 #FridaysForFuture, April 4-23 #DrawdownEcoChallenge

March 15th. The Ides of March, notable to the ancient Romans for settling debts, as a holy day when sheep were sacrificed, and of course, a day to beware, as a seer warned Julius Cesar. What is this year’s prophecy?  … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Dear Earth, #LoveOurPlanetNotPollution

Some of us have been meeting at the Southampton library to discuss ways we can scale up existing efforts that draw down carbon from the atmosphere, based on the top 100 solutions outlined in the New York Times bestseller Drawdown: … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg, What Can We Do? Individual + National Actions

Dear Friends, David Posnett recently posted a compelling video of 16 year old Greta Thunberg reading a letter “Our House is On Fire” at Davos.  “I want you to panic” she says. It is worth finding other news about her, … Continue reading

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