Mental Health and the ACA

Those of us with experience, either as patients or health care providers, in the field of mental health may wonder what the ACA provides towards better mental health.  Truly, sometimes I wonder at the sorry state of this branch of medicine when it comes to keeping patients and the public safe.  The NY Times had a sobering piece on how poorly we enforce our laws and regulations to keep weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill.

However, the ACA does help the mental health field (at least a bit)!  Read more here and get answers to questions like these:

  1. How is mental health care insurance provided to those in need?
  2. With implementation of the health reform law, what options will be available to me for new, additional or expanded mental health care insurance?
  3. I am a Veteran. What do I need to know about insurance for mental health care that will help me and my family?
  4. I am a Hispanic American. What do I need to know about insurance for mental health care under the health reform law? Who will have access to insurance and who will not?
  5. Does everyone need to have health insurance under the health reform law?
  6. What is available now through the health reform law what do I need to know before 2014?
  7. What health insurance benefits will be mandatory as part of the health reform law?
  8. I have heard a lot about the issue of Medicaid expansion. What does this mean to me in my state?

Here, also, is an interesting view with a detailed discussion of state by state differences of the impact of ACA on mental health care!  Some states have watered down the benefits considerably it seems.

Finally, this .gov site sums it up!

  • The ACA expands benefits and parity with other diseases
  • Covers preventative services
  • Cannot deny coverage for preexisting mental conditions


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