Testimonials from Suffolk county: It is not all bad!

I signed up through the NY state website.  It was the easiest thing I’ve ever done in this realm. Particularly, as an independent contractor — In the past, I’d tried several times to navigate their labyrinthian website — finally giving up as I was asked to produce more and more paperwork.  In this new incarnation, as a self employed person — I went to the Individuals section, and then it asked me to fill in what my expected income was, my deductions and it did the calculations for me.  The site immediately told me what I was eligible for and then asked me to choose a plan — I was able to see which plan my doctor accepted (by going to my doctor’s site)….you also have the option to change the plan within 90 days or if not within that time frame then after a year you can opt for another plan.  It was so easy and stress free I couldn’t believe it.  I am so pleased, I am encouraging others to follow suit.  Caterina.

I signed up by PHONE and it was easy and painless, though I think the “hold time” to talk to someone may have increased. I got what I believe is a good plan at an amazingly good rate as my income is low enough to qualify for the subsidy. It took about a half hour. They are available 24/7. Marketplace 800 318-2596.  Robin.

I did finally get a BC/BS policy for a few dollars more than my old lousy Oxford policy. This one now has no deductible and covers a lot more services.  An agent (paid by the state) helped me sort through it, since finding participating providers is the huge time consuming part.  I have a confirmation number for the new policy but I have not yet been contacted by BC/BS to pay, so…come January 1st I do not think any doctors will see me without insurance verification or policy number… I will call them on Monday and see what needs to be done.  By the way, the agent I used was Steven Schiller, Financial Representative, Group Sales
Tel 516-677-5031 • Fax 516-677-6894 Woodbury , New York 11797.
sschiller@glic.com. He gets one set up and confirmed but then payments and activation is between the insurance company and the insured.  Jim

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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