Constitutional Crisis: Trump tries to Cover up Russia Collusion

The firing of FBI Director Comey is unprecedented and highly suspicious in light of recent developments in the Russia-Trump campaign collusion investigations. First, there was the testimony of former National Intelligence Director James Clapper and former acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Watch it on Rachel Maddow! Both testified about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn’s connections to Russia and that the White House knew about this, and kept him on for 18 days knowing that he was a paid Russian agent and had not disclosed his Russian ties even though he was told to do so in writing. The White house did nothing.  Sen. Chris Murphy from CT thinks, there is more and more evidence for collusion in Russia-Trump campaign story.

Sen. Chris Murphy from CT thinks, there is more and more evidence for collusion in Russia-Trump campaign story.  Indictments of Trump campaign people, probably Paul Manifort, General Flynn, Roger Stone and Carter Page are likely to come in the near future. This puts Donald Trump in direct danger. Was he part of the Russia collusion too? And is this treason?

Just yesterday a Grand jury apparently issued subpoenas as reported by CNN. One gets the impression that Donald Trump is getting increasingly nervous. He is calling these investigations a “hoax”, a “charade”, and “fake news”. Since the FBI investigation was the most threatening investigation (they have the power to bring a criminal indictment in contrast to the House and Senate investigations), it is quite obvious what Trump’s motivation was, in firing Comey.  This makes Trump look even more guilty.

The White House, AG Sessions (who is supposed to have recused himself) and Deputee AG Rod Rosenstein, have offered an excuse for the firing of Comey. It is laughable. They say (along with Fox talking heads) that it is about Comey’s handling of the Clinton emails! Utter nonsense that anyone can see through, given that this all occurred in July – Nov. 2016 and we are now May 2017!

Nixon fired Archibald Cox to avoid handing over his tapes. Ultimately it did not save him. Republicans joined Dems to declare their intent to vote for impeachment. Today, we will see which Republican senators will put the country in front of politics and vote to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump and his campaign.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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