Peter King & Lee Zeldin: will they sell us out?

This is sort of comical.  It is called the Collins amendment to the AHCA (Trumpcare) – it is a horse trade specific to NY State.  Only in New York!

In NYS counties pay 13 % of the medicaid bill (the state charges them for this).  Under the Collins amendment (he is from the Buffalo area) all counties except for NY City will no longer have to cover that medicaid bill.  In exchange, counties outside the city would give up 1.2 percentage points of the sales tax they currently receive.  This is a good deal for nearly all counties including the City!  Except for the counties surrounding the city including primarily Nassau and Suffolk counties!

Why is this happening.  Collins wants to get all those representatives from upstate to vote for Trumpcare by promising them some pork. OK. The reverse of that coin is that Rep. Peter King and Lee Zeldin should not vote for Trumpcare since it is not good for their counties!  Will they sell us out?


About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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