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Attacks on Science

From Jenny Mulligan: Attacks on Science The Trump administration and 115th Congress have been actively dismantling science-based health and safety protections, sidelining scientific evidence, and undoing recent progress on scientific integrity. We’ve seen this movie before. And we know how to … Continue reading

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Individual Mandate Repeal in Latest Tax Bill Draft

Author Shannon Muchmore @stmuchmore Published Nov. 15, 2017 Dive Brief: Republican leaders said Tuesday the latest version of their bill to overhaul the tax system would repeal the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) … Continue reading

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A Crazy Man for President

OK, it took all of four months, but I think it’s been pretty well established by now: we’ve elected a crazy man for President.  Not that for most of us there were any doubts on that score on November 9th … Continue reading

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John Oliver Blasts ‘F–king Egomaniac’ Trump for Leaving Paris Climate Accord

By now we should all know, the Paris agreement was about “2 degrees Celsius”.  If global warming exceeds these 2 extra degrees things become irreversible.  Bad things. Most people understand this, which is why it was possible (although not easy) … Continue reading

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Trump is Frustrated Right Now

By Amber Phillips May 31 in WaPo President Trump has been in office for four months, and according to one of the best indicators of what he’s thinking — his Twitter account — he seems pretty frustrated about it. Which makes sense. … Continue reading

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The Pulse of the Resistance is Just Fine

Yesterday I attended an event featuring former Rep. Tim Bishop. During the Q&A session, I asked him what advice he might have for resistance groups on Long Island. He responded, “don’t let the intensity wane”. We all know that raw … Continue reading

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Is Zeldin Untruthful about Healthcare?

In a recent OpEd in the Riverhead Local, Lee Zeldin asserts: “We must also improve health care on Long Island as a top priority” And this week, Rep. Lee Zeldin released an op-ed he said is meant to address “the … Continue reading

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