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Keep Bannon out of New York

This demonstration is tomorrow Thursday on Park Ave and 47th in front of the offices of Wayne Berman, one of the hosts of Zeldin’s fundraiser with Bannon.   The location may change in the last minute – keep checking this Facebook … Continue reading

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What has Zeldin Actually Done ?

Letter to the Editor by Tina Plesset, published in the East Hampton Star, 3/17/2017 “What Has He Done?” Educators and kids are doing what our leaders should be doing — implementing a hopeful worldview through example. Our Representative Lee Zeldin … Continue reading

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Fascist Regime in the Making?

Several reports from today describe how US citizen Khizr Khan is essentially threatened with  losing travel privileges.  Khizr Khan is an American citizen born in Pakistan and a muslim. He is the father of an American soldier killed in Iraq … Continue reading

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No to Medicare Privatization

Letter to the Editor by Mike Anthony – published in the Southampton Press Since the November 8th election, the focus has been placed on public policy options in a fully Republican-dominated federal government. One of those policy areas is Medicare … Continue reading

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ACA (Obamacare) and Contraceptives

We have a pretty crazy system whereby employers are in charge of selecting/paying your medical insurance.  My employer offers Aetna.  I had nothing to do with that choice, but I understand that they were able to bargain for a good … Continue reading

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