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Dangerous Men

Bleached Staghorn Coral By James Ewing (Watermill, NY) “The GOP Republican party is the most dangerous organization in human history…dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organized human life on earth.”—Noam Chomsky, scholar, MIT. What are these most dangerous … Continue reading

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Miami under Water – for Good!

Just heard from a friend regarding United Nations conference in Geneva (Switzerland). Pretty devastating UN report. Even action on climate change NOW will not prevent the predicted devastation as the lag time is too great. Here is the link. You can … Continue reading

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A Golden Opportunity for Carbon Fees

From: John Andrews Wednesday, October 11, 2017 7:01 PM Dear Long Island East CCLers (Citizens’ Climate Lobby), Now that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency has gutted President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, it is a perfect opportunity to ask … Continue reading

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Oceans in Peril

Title image from Oceans of Acid. By Judith S. Weis  OpEd in the East Hampton Star Sept. 14, 2017 While some politicians claim that climate change is a hoax, and climate scientists try to refine their models and forecasts of … Continue reading

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Climate change: what to expect?

From the Southampton Press Jan 5th 2017 There are many things to worry about regarding the incoming Trump administration. The list is long as both New Deal and Great Society programs could be hobbled beyond recognition. However, the thing that … Continue reading

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