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‘South Country Unites’ says Thank You

Seen on Bellport.com The Village News: South Country Unites Celebrates Inauguration Day On Inauguration Day, January 20, 2021, members of South Country Unites, SCU, displayed yard signs in front of their homes to commemorate this very special day. They wanted … Continue reading

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I just got back from PA: Dauphin county (Harrisburg), where we were assigned to be poll watchers.  The county went D by 8 points.  Yay.  PA is important. This graph is from Nate Cohn’s article in the NYT and shows … Continue reading

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Trump’s chearleader: Lee Zeldin

Don’t let him fool you: LZ will take away your healthcare, your reproductive rights and destroy the environment. Another 4 years of DT and another 2 years of LZ spells disaster. VOTE GOROFF for Congress, Biden/Harris for the top of … Continue reading

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Pence staffer calls out Trump, endorses Biden

Former Pence aide, Olivia Troye, says she will vote for Biden because of Trump’s ‘flat out disregard for human life’ during pandemic.Watch this short video!

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Finally, Biden speaks out

  Watch the video on YouTube! The Trump agenda: Let’s make America poor again. Let’s make America sick again. Let’s make America jobless again. Let’s make America the laughing stock of the world. Let’s make America powerless again.  (Putin’s goal!) … Continue reading

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