Redistricting: Action required now (before the end of the year)

To All Democrats and Community Activists,

I understand it is the holiday season, but the fight for democracy does not rest! Right now the Suffolk County Legislature is considering adopting a fair map that doubles the minority-majority districts from two to four, and in areas where new minority districts could not be created, they were left whole so that their votes are not diluted. This map follows town lines and zip code boundaries as much as possible and politically is an even split. 

IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT THIS MAP GETS VOTED ON AND SIGNED BY COUNTY EXECUTIVE STEVE BELLONE ON FRIDAY!! Come January the bill will automatically die if it is not voted for and the Republicans will hold control of the legislature next year. 

The Republicans have held up the vote on this bill several times, we cannot let them run out the clock! 


Please call & email Steve Bellone’s office and urge him to sign the bill! Here is an example script you can use. 

Phone:(631) 853-4000


Call/email script: Hello, my name is ____________ and I live in ______________. I am calling/emailing in support of IR 1964. This is a fair and equitable map that reflects the demographic changes in Suffolk County and creates representation that aligns with those changes. Signing these maps into law will be a step towards racial justice in our communities.  I ask that County Executive Bellone sign IR 1964, and stand in solidarity with the communities that would benefit from increased representation.

There is also a petition on this matter you can sign! 

Please share this information with your groups, committees, friends, and neighbors.

Thank you,

Leigh-Ann Barde and Vincent Vertuccio, Co-Founders of Mobilize Suffolk Blue 

Shoshanna Hershkowitz, Founder of Suffolk Progressives 

Skyler Johnson, Candidate for New York State Assembly 

Garrett Petersen

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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6 Responses to Redistricting: Action required now (before the end of the year)

  1. bcolbath42 says:

    I do not understand why the committee refuses to release pre- and post-redistricting maps. So, I will refuse to support unexplained efforts at redistricting. Since when do we need to take politicians’ words for anything, especially when as far as some go, it is a self-serving effort.

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