Zeldin a terrible candidate for governor

Two faced Lee has a habit of pretending to be someone who he really isn’t.

Published in the Auburnpub.com and reprinted here:

In a recent letter to the editor, David Pappert, Andrew Sheridan, Rick Gagliardi and Kathy Malenick endorse Rep.Lee Zeldin for governor.

Heaven forbid!

Let me remind readers that this is the same Lee Zeldin who joined with 125 other GOP members of the House to overturn the 2020 election. Even though there was no credible evidence of election fraud, even though 60 court cases on the issue were lost, even though AG Barr and the Supreme Court determined there was no election fraud, even though Trump’s own cybersecurity official claimed this was the safest election in history, Lee Zeldin parroted the Trump line and voted to overturn the will of the people.

Zeldin’s support of Trump’s Big Lie extends to the support he offered Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene when she was removed from committee assignments based on her hateful speech and her support of conspiracy theories. Zeldin’s defense was this: “I strongly disagree with Congresswoman Greene’s statements prior to her entry to Congress, which peddled bizarre conspiracy theories and anti-Semitic tropes, and perpetuated dangerous falsehoods about the September 11 attacks. They were indefensible, wacky, harmful, and wrong.”

Yet, he voted to support her.

In my view, any legislator who participates in the fabrication that Biden is not duly elected president of the United States is not fit to serve as Governor of New York. Any legislator who puts loyalty to a defeated and disgraced (twice impeached) former president above the rule of law is not fit to serve as governor. Zeldin is a Trump cult member, and as such, in my view, he does not even deserve to serve in Congress let alone become governor of New York.

I certainly hope the GOP comes up with a more worthy candidate.

Kathryn Franz


About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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3 Responses to Zeldin a terrible candidate for governor

  1. Robert Wick says:

    A CNN poll released last week found that nearly a third of Americans, including 70 percent of Republicans, said Biden had not legitimately won enough votes to win the presidency. This type of attack on Zeldin may well be insufficient. It’s appealing to many, but will it lessen his appeal to the 70 percent of the Republicans who agree with Zeldin?

    • According to the New York State Board of Elections report of Enrollment by County dated April 1, 2016. Percentages are of the total with a declared affiliation:

      Democratic: 5,792,497 (62.7%)
      Republican: 2,731,688 (30.0%)
      Conservative: 159,355 (1.7%)
      Green: 26,271 (0.3%)
      Working Families: 48,344 (0.5%)
      Independence: 475,566 (5.1%)
      Women’s Equality 1,283 (0.0%)
      Reform 377 (0.0%)
      Other: 5,986 (0.1%)

      Additionally, 2,485,475 persons were enrolled with no party affiliation.

      The numbers indicate that the winning gubernatorial candidate must appeal to a) democrats and b) those without party affiliation.
      Who cares about 70% of Republicans? There are not enough of them in NYS.

  2. marcrauch25@gmail.com says:

    Right on!

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