Fire Departments and Trumpers – Post Election Trends

A Brookhaven Fire Department truck in Suffolk County had a Confederate flag draped down its left side.

Even though Trump has lost the election, his followers, the “Trumpers”, are here to stay. What might this mean for the future?

A group calling themselves the “Huntington – Northport Patriots” has plans for yet another MAGA Trump 2020 Truck parade on Dec 12th:

12/12/20 MAGA Trump 2020 Truck/Car Parade 10AM Sunday
Huntington – Northport patriots Would like to Announce
We are doing a Toy / Clothing and Food Drive for Helping Hands Pantry and St Patrick’s Church of Huntington. … Decorate your cars with Trump Christmas attire, fly your Trump, American and Christmas Flags and show the world we will Not back down, until all Legal votes are counted and all fraud is addressed.
Trump Won, and the Marxist democrats are trying to Steal America and destroy our country.
We must be involved now, more than ever before. United, we will live to see another day and save the Constitution of The United States of America!
Bring your flags,
Bring your signs,
Support Our President.

Further relevant news tid bits:

  • The reports: “… Angry… Trump supporters here today cursing and screaming at their fellow citizens … It’s a sad day.” 

Fire Department (FD) elections are coming up. It is good to remember that FD volunteers enjoy certain perks, such as a significant rebate on real estate taxes!

Here is the inside scoop for FD elections in Brookhaven.  JoAnne Young ten Doesschate from Brookhaven writes:

Fire departments in Suffolk have traditionally been Republican and all politicians court them because they get their members to vote. But just as traditionally, they have rarely gotten overtly involved in political races. Perry campaigned at every fire department event with no problems. Trump has changed all that. 

In Setauket, a local group headed by Trumpers (members of the Setauket Patriots who led the local Trump Caravans) did GOTV against Steve Englebright. Now they are running someone for Commissioner who has been in the FD for less than 1 year against a woman who has been involved for the past 20 years. And they’re putting big money into this – there are lawn signs everywhere and even 4×4’s at major intersections.

In Stony Brook, the Trumper they are running has never been involved in the FD, though his sons are, against someone who has been heavily involved for many years. In 2016 the Trumper had a huge banner on his roof, in 2020 flags in his front yard, and he was also part of the Setauket Patriots caravans in his Jeep flying Trump flags.

Although I don’t know the details, the same thing is happening in Bellport. The head of the Bellport Ambulance Corps was used in a Zeldin ad, in the fire house, in uniform. As you can see by their Facebook cover photo, they don’t hide it and Zeldin gets away with it because he is in office and used procuring PPE as his claim to fame during the first wave of the pandemic.

Supposedly this is happening in a number of fire districts throughout Suffolk. Jane Corrarino said it well – “In the current political climate, they will most likely also be used for launching a ‘back bench’ in the broader political arena.”

We talk about how important local politics is and this is a perfect example. While we are lucky in NY state, we have watched across the country how Republicans have gerrymandered and suppressed votes and now control the majority of state governments. Fire departments have well paid patronage jobs and the positions can be used as stepping stones for higher office. While Trump barely won in Suffolk, he did win, and he won big in NY1. 

And they will use their control to the exclusion of Dems who want to be involved. In one Brookhaven village, I was told of a young man who is afraid to let them know he is a Dem because he fears losing his job. (One more reason why people register as independents!) Young people for whom volunteering as EMT’s is one of the best things they can have on their applications for nursing or med school may not even know that they won’t be chosen because of their political affiliation….

By state election law, ALL fire departments have their elections this coming Tuesday, Dec. 8. When the polls open varies from village to village and only one station in each village is used for voting. Voters must also be registered to vote in Suffolk County; they use BOE election lists to prove residency. Some require you to show your license. 

From Jon Kornreich (running to replace Valerie Cartright on the Brookhaven town council):

The sudden partisan intrusion of the Patriot group has turned what should be a non-partisan civic election into something much more dangerous. Institutions such as the fire district, the school district, and the library, as well as other organizations such as the Civic Association, the Trust and numerous others have carried on their work for many years in a spirit of community service, not as political battlegrounds. Historically, people like Sue Meyers who support and join these organizations have done so because of their real interest in the organization’s mission. 

SETAUKET  Vote for Sue Meyers for Fire Commissioner 

The Trumper is Griffin.

STONY BROOK Vote for Thad Holsberg for Fire Commissioner

The Trumper is Joe Saggio.

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Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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1 Response to Fire Departments and Trumpers – Post Election Trends

  1. Mary Foster Morgan says:

    Thank you David,
    A year or so ago, around the 4th of July, my husband Tom and I wrote a letter to the editor asking that the person flying the Confederate battle flag near our home and the Orient cemetery be taken down, as it was dishonoring members of our community who graves where steps away.

    My husband, who loves American history, reminded me that the flag shown in your photo is a flag of sedition and treason, of breaking and dissolving the United States, of tearing up the Constitution. It is the battle flag of a slave-owning landed aristocracy who wanted to continue a feudal system (voting for property-owners only) we had thrown off in the Revolution. My East Hampton great uncle fought and died in the Civil War, never to live past his 20s. Duryea Zouaves, the 5th NY Regiment and the 11th NY “Ellsworth’s “Fire Zouaves,” recruited from the NYFD, fought valiantly and died in droves to preserve the Union and the Constitution.

    No firefighter should tolerate the display of this flag.

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