Trump’s Base: 2 Anecdotal Cases Regarding Sources of News

From Gigi Morris (Sag Harbor):

This may offer some insight into what is happening in this country.

About 3 weeks ago, I had a cleaning lady coming to my house in NH (she lives in VT) and I mentioned that I’d be home. So, of course, she and I would both need to wear a mask. She said she wouldn’t come if she had to wear a mask (having told me earlier she was strapped for cash.) She said to call her “when this flu blows over.” I said I didn’t think it would blow over any time soon. She said she needed to “educate me.” She explained that she doesn’t listen to all that “fake news,” and sent me this link (see below) with a note, “the truth will set us free.” She refers to covid as the “19-flu.” You don’t have to watch it, but it’s essentially a German lawyer explaining that it’s all a hoax, no worse than the flu.

This is not someone I would have ever thought of as ‘on the fringe’. In fact, she is very nice. Maybe 50. Always seemed over-educated for the job.
This is the link on the German lawyer that she sent me:

Likewise, a very nice handyman who I’ve known for a few years came by about a week prior to that, and told me the same thing. He’s kind and has two black children and is ‘pro-choice’ and is planning to work in solar power. And yet, he also said he avoids the mainstream “fake” news and gets his information “from friends and neighbors.” Trump, he said, just speaks his mind and the media is undermining our democracy.

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1 Response to Trump’s Base: 2 Anecdotal Cases Regarding Sources of News

  1. Mary Foster Morgan says:

    Thanks Gigi, and David for posting. An important insight. I totally get it. Gaslighting is very hard to see. When someone needs their job, and their job/business is being threatened by a novel (never seen before!) pandemic, they are easy targets for manipulators. The choice, then seems pretty clear cut. As was said a long time ago, it’s the economy stupid, and when we have leadership, finally, that puts in place isolate the virus strategies, our economy can flourish. Yes, I agree, the Truth will set us free. Truth based on evidence. Follow the science (which means knowledge.)

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