Threatening rallies by Trump supporters

Threatening rallies in Arizona

This has me nervous. AZ has already been called for Biden by some news outlets including Fox News.

And here is the reporting by NBC:

Refusing to accept the results….

And there is more reporting from WaPo:

“Crowds targeted election centers in other cities on Wednesday as well, including in Detroit, where Republican election challengers shouted “Stop the count!” and demanded access to the room where votes were being counted, though Democratic and nonpartisan election challengers were also barred from the room. Two dueling crowds also faced off at the Clark County Elections Department in Nevada, where Biden’s advantage appears to be even smaller than in Arizona.AD

But the election officials on duty Wednesday in Arizona did not pause the poll workers’ vote counts, even as protesters angrily shouted at them through walls.

Police escorted Maricopa County election workers to their cars late Wednesday night as protesters chanted and rallied for hours outside. Several members of the crowd openly carried firearms.

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3 Responses to Threatening rallies by Trump supporters

  1. Ain’t this law and order President great! [/sarcasm]

  2. Yup. What can one say?

  3. Bannon (Zeldin’s friend) is feeding the right wing frenzy:
    He wants to have Fauci and FBI director Wray BEHEADED as in Tudor times.

    …and our neighbors just re-elected Zeldin to represent us in Congress. Here is another post on the Zeldin-Bannon relationship:

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