Poll Watching in Pennsylvania

From: Kathryn Levy 

I really don’t think the PA-Dems would be pushing so hard for poll observers if they didn’t think it was important. 

I worked in Florida as a volunteer coordinator for the Kerry and Obama campaigns. Particularly in the case of 2004, when there was an intense voter suppression effort in Florida, we had to dispatch volunteers to the polls several times each day to deal with voter intimidation, a campaign of misinformation, and people who simply needed water and help while waiting in 3 – 4 hour lines. We also tried to document what was happening at the polls. Please understand that this all went on outside the polls with untrained volunteers. The situation in the swing states this year promises to be even worse.

As for what is needed here, I am hearing many stories about very long lines in early polling places, but I have not yet heard one story about voter intimidation in Suffolk county or people disseminating misinformation. I’m afraid that will be different in Pennsylvania.

Today on Twitter, Katrina Vanden Heuval posted this simple Tweet: “Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania.” As I said, everyone should make their own choice. I’m having health problems. If I weren’t, I know where I would be on Election Day — Pennsylvania.

More here: https://resistancesuffolk.blog/2020/10/18/pennsylvania-the-key-battleground/

We NEED PA. Contact Kathryn Levy for more details.  Here’s how you can help: 

Poll Observer Training

Recruiting Poll Observers by Phone

Sign up to Be a Canvass Observer

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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