The People PAC: Flipping Statehouses

From Mara Gerstein:

Dear Friends,
with T-6 days until voting ends in 2020, here at The People we are cycling between anxiety and HOPE. We are also filled to the brim with gratitude to our brilliant partners, generous donors, and the network of talented creatives, data geeks, and political wizards who have made our work this year possible. 

Together, as part of our Statehouse Media 2020 program, we produced 200 digital ads for 24 inspiring candidates and are running targeted digital distribution programs to flip the State House in Texas and Iowa and to break the Republican supermajority in Kansas. These states and districts were selected for maximum leverage in strengthening our democracy at the state level.

To date in 2020, this $1.5M program has resulted in our candidate videos being viewed by in-district voters IN THEIR ENTIRETY over 10 MILLION TIMES (and counting)

So check out the ads for these talented candidates and share them with folks in our target states!


Inevitably, some of these races will come down to 100, 10, even ONE SINGLE vote (recall that in Virginia 2017, control of the entire State House came down to a tied race with the winner chosen via hat pick!).

So if you can, please consider a final donation to help get candidates in our closest races over the line.


Learn more at

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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