Caravans in Suffolk County

Trump car rally participant

From Shoshona Hershkowitz on Saturday’s rally on Long Island New York:

Yesterday, people where I live, we were harassed by the Trump caravan. This group with covered license plates, screaming slurs out of their bullhorns at intersections, calling for the Secret Service to shoot people I know, were out in full force, invading my town. They came with flags, including 3% and Q Anon flags alongside their Trump cult flags. When they came to Port Jefferson, they called friends of mine homophobic and racial slurs. They harassed people on the street, including children. They told my friend’s child, a child of color, to “go home”. If you want to know what modern day white supremacy looks like, you didn’t need to look any further than Port Jefferson yesterday.

Let’s be clear. There is no equivalent to this on the left. No one I know has attempted to cough unmasked on people. No one I know engages in calling people “faggots”. This is full on Trump white supremacy cult.

I’ll say one more thing. Republicans, you own this. You need to call your dogs off and stop it. Congressman Lee Zeldin, this is your base. These are your supporters. Your voters. Tell them to stop. Ed Romaine, you’ve said that Brookhaven is built on diversity. Stand up to the members of your party, the Republican Party, infiltrating Brookhaven, and making it unsafe for the residents.

The lines are clearly drawn at this point. You’re either with the white supremacists, or you’re not. And elected officials, failure to condemn and put a stop to this renders you complicit. Pick your side. Are you with the neo Nazis, or with the rest of us?

Last but not least, we’re going to be voting and making a real choice this election. Do we want to let these white supremacists win? Do we want to let their preferred candidates like Lee Zeldin win? I don’t. We need to send a message that #HateHasNoHomeHere , and that we will never allow white supremacists to gain this much of a foothold in America, ever again. So I ask you, #VoteThemAllOut. Destroy white supremacy and those who enable it. I’m looking at you, Lee Zeldin.


A woman was injured in a hit-and-run on Route 25A near North Country Road at around 12:45 p.m., police said. The parade was organized by the Setauket Patriots, an online group that supports Trump and conservative values. James Robitsek, founder of the Setauket Patriots Facebook page, led the caravan and said his car was not involved in the hit-and-run.

William Ferraro, a former Brookhaven town supervisor Democratic candidate, shared on Facebook a photo of a car with a flag reading “TRUMP 2020 F— Your Feelings” covering its license plate.

“Port Jeff is for families, not Trump rallies,” Ferraro, co-president of the Central Brookhaven Democratic Club, said. “Several of my friends were down port at the time, and witnessed obscenities on flags, cars swerving, coughing on people in mockery of COVID-19 – it really brought out the worst element.

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3 Responses to Caravans in Suffolk County

  1. robertbrody says:

    is it not illegal to cover your license plate #? in the police and spy books I read, terrorists or bank robbers do this kind of thing. Should not Suffolk county be looking into this? Fines for covering license plates??  This is  horrible.

  2. says:

    Mockery is the only effective way to counter these pro-Trump caravans: Someone should organize a caravan of Priuses & Volvos flying Pro-Biden & Pro-Climate signs. I’m in with my Volvo if someone wants to organize it.

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