Prop #1: Yes or No?

Prop #1 asks voters (on the back of the ballot for Nov 3rd) if we’d like the term length for our Suffolk County legislators be four years rather than the current two. A no vote advocates keeping them on a short leash.  A yes vote advocates giving them breathing room to do the job they were hired for without having to continually raise money for the next campaign.

The Democrats, who currently hold the majority in our legislature, put this referendum on the ballot.  The vote to put it on the ballot was straight party line: 10 Democrats votes for, 7 Republicans votes against and one Republican abstention.
Cheers, Bob Wick

See more info here:

And here is the opinion of Newsday’s editorial board:

Newsday recommends voting no on Proposal One.

Proposal One: This would lengthen the term of office for a Suffolk County legislator to four years from the current two years. A similar proposal put to voters in 2002 was defeated handily. County residents would be right to again reject this proposition. Continuity in county government is provided by a four-year term for the county executive, which is appropriate for that position. A two-year term for lawmakers gives the public a way to more frequently register disapproval and course-correct if it is dissatisfied with the direction of county government.

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2 Responses to Prop #1: Yes or No?

  1. bcolbath42 says:

    I agree with Newsday; I have become passionate about holding our representatives to account as often as is reasonably practical.

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