Vote NO on Proposal #2

While we are all concentrating on the front of the ballot, there are 2 proposals on the back. #2 is of particular concern. Here is why.

Your drinking water is at risk!

While everyone was home and grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic, Suffolk County politicians quietly circulated a resolution that would raid our Drinking Water Protection Program yet again.  Well, we noticed and we’re taking a stand.

Suffolk County Proposal #2 / Resolution 547-2020 would move “excess funds” in the Drinking Water Protection Program Fund to the Suffolk County Taxpayers Trust Fund, a general fund. “Excess” does not refer to funds that are not needed to protect drinking water of county residents.  Instead, “excess funds” are those that have not yet been spent.

A vote AGAINST Suffolk County Prop #2…

  • Would enforce a court ruling that requires the repayment of millions of dollars illegally raided from the Drinking Water Protection Program Fund
  • Would ensure the availability of money to protect residents’ drinking water
  • Would maintain enough money in the tax stabilization fund to assist taxpayers in existing and new sewer districts

A vote FOR Suffolk County Ballot Prop #2…

  • Would move funds from the Drinking Water Protection Program to a general fund, which can be used for whatever politicians want.
  • Would “forgive” the repayment of tens of millions of dollars back to the water protection fund, that had been illegally raided from the water protection fund to the general fund, which can be used for whatever politicians want.

Long Island is Facing a Public Health Crisis

Long Island has the most contaminated water in the state.  It also has some of the highest concentrations of nitrogen in our groundwater in the country.  This is a public health crisis!  We need these funds now, more than ever.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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2 Responses to Vote NO on Proposal #2

  1. Thank you for the information regarding our drinking water and the Proposal #2. Definitely important and I will share on social media and with friends as well!

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