The Home Stretch

Just 25 days left to do everything we can to defeat Donald Trumpflip the Senate, and kick Zeldin out of office! And, if that weren’t enough, we must protect and grow the Democratic majority in the NYS Senate. (Fellow NY01 resident Ron Lauder is investing huge sums to defeat Dems! More info below.)

Let’s not wake up on Nov. 4 and think we could’ve done more…
If your inbox is overflowing as much as mine, you are overwhelmed with volunteer options. So I whittled it down and created an  election to-do list for myself, which I hope is of use to you!

1. Make a Voting Plan Now! We have three options:
Vote in Person Early
When: Saturday, 10/24 through Sunday, 11/1
Hours: Listed here
Where: Any early polling site in Suffolk Co. listed here. (On the East End: Windmill Village in EH, and Southampton Stony Brook U. in Southampton).

Vote Absentee (by mail)
Request Ballot ASAP: Online Portal here (Deadline is 10/27 but with PO situation, don’t wait!)
Cast Ballot ASAP: By mail, postmarked no later than 11/3; or drop off at any early polling site between 10/24 and 11/1, or at a regular polling site on Election Day. Remember to sign the security envelope! Details here.

Vote in Person on Election Day
When: Tuesday, Nov. 3
Hours: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm
Where: Your regular polling site–all slated to be open as of now

And to make sure our elections are fair and that every vote counts: 
Be a Poll Watcher: Email here or contact Biden campaign
Be a Poll Worker: Apply here

(For info on your voting rights at the polls, visit ACLU site.)
2. Send Zeldin Packing!
Outside Help is here!
314 Action Fund, The House Majority PAC, and Emily’s List’s PAC are all spending money in our district to help elect Nancy Goroff. Clearly they must think our district is flippable! Check out HMP’s anti-Zeldin ads here.

State of the Race 
Most recently, the DCCC dropped its own numbers from Tulchin Research that had Goroff in the lead 48-46 with Biden out front by a 51-45 margin. We have yet to see any contradictory numbers from the GOP.” Daily Kos

Make Callscontact David Goldstein
Write postcardscontact Tina Jacobowitz
Other volunteer opportunities: here
For everything you need to know about Zeldin’s awful record and his unwavering support for Trump, check out the Lee Zeldin Record website and please share widely!
3. Elect Biden and Harris to Restore our Democracy! 
In New York
A huge margin in the national popular vote (as well as in swing states) is the fastest way to short circuit Trump’s nefarious post election plans. Blue states like NY have an important role in running up the popular vote, so let’s also work locally!
Suffolk for BidenFB page
Make Biden calls with EH or SH Dems: here

In Swing States
Make calls: here
Adopt a swing statehere
Help Wisconsin this weekendhere
 4. Four More Seats!
At our September PEER meeting, The Nation’s investigative journalist 
John Nichols cautioned that without a Dem Senate, Biden is a lame duck.(Watch his informative and inspiring comments here)
Adopt a Key Battleground State here
Make calls with DSCC here
If you can’t decide which candidates most need your money, 
Donate to Get Mitch or Die Trying Fund, (split among 10 key senate races) here.
5. Protect the Results 
When we win, let’s be prepared to protect the results! Join the coalition of more than 80 groups ready to mobilize if Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election.
6. Join us on Oct. 20 at 6:30 pm (on Zoom) and hear from LI Progressive candidates for the NYS Senate: Christine Pellegrino, and for the NYS Assembly: Joe Sackman, Steve Polgar, and Dylan Rice. We need only one more vote to pass the NYHA! Register here.
7. Protect and Grow NYS Senate Majority
Our Senate seat
NYS Senate District #1has been in Republican hands for 30 years! With LaValle out of the picture, now’s the time to flip it. Please help Dem candidate Laura Ahearn!

Preserve and Grow Dem Majority in NYS Senate
Ron Lauder is going all out to win back the Senate for Republicans through the nastiest, lying attack ads that take a page from the “Big Lie” that all GOP candidates out here, including Zeldin, are pushing: Democrats are anti-police, and because of bail reform and “defund the police” violent criminals are about to take over our streets (law enforcement just announced that violent crime is down in Suffolk!)
Read more here and please help these incumbents:
Monica Martinez (Suffolk)
Jim Gaughran (Nassau)
Andrew Gounardes (Brooklyn) 
Kevin Thomas (Nassau) 

The attacks on Martinez and Gaughran are especially outrageous. Even before she became a state senator Martinez was working hard with community leaders and law enforcement in her hometown of Brentwood to end the scourge of MS13 and both she and Gaughran tried to act as a bridge between bail-reform advocates and (sane) law enforcement.
It’s been an incredibly long four years and we’ve all worked so hard…But let’s find the energy for one final push—during these last 26 days— and wake up on Nov. 4 free of this national nightmare and his #1 enabler, Lee Zeldin!

Onward to Victory!


About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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