Republicans don’t like Teslas

David Dobrik

From Diane Saatchi:

Have you heard about  #join2020vote ?

Gen Z is definitely different. These folks are all in on social media. We got lucky — or were well advised — and we were able to reach a huge audience of potential voters who are now registered and ready.

Much has happened since the early messages about #join2020vote, so I want to share some stunning numbers with you.

Last Spring, worried about the 2020 general election and wanting to do something proactive, I started a get out the vote initiative aimed at first time and young voters. #join2020vote was created to register and motivate this cohort group. While we have made strides in our outreach it took a few different turns and some very fortunate networking to reach the Z generation. But when we did, oh boy, did we hit the jackpot.

Just this week through our efforts, as an incentive to registering, David Dobrik and HeadCount launched a campaign to give away five Model 3s Teslas. We woke Thursday morning to this message from Headcount… “We’re thrilled to tell you that David’s campaign passed 100,000 registrations last night (and over 250,000 verifications). Literally unprecedented in our history and the entire history of celebrity-led voter engagement initiatives.” Since then, new registrations increased to over 120,000. Read more about this it in the Forbes story here. The Instagram post alone logged 3.5 million likes and 1.77 million comments. The additional millions of shares and replies to comments cannot be counted.

How we arrived at headcount and David Dobrik is an interesting story, one I would love to share with you, but now, I want to get to the point. We’ve gotten this far without donations because we wanted to be sure of our strategy. There is no doubt its working and no doubt there is a committed pool of young voters ready to be heard. To put this success in content, a “When We Vote” event, led by Michelle Obama, along with Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities resulted in 82,000 people completing and starting registration. Our efforts resulted (so far) in over 120,000 completed registrations for new voters and 319,000 other interested voters who logged in to verify their registration.

As the online voter registration period is over October 5th in all but one swing state, our efforts will now turn to getting voters to the polls — early and on election day. Gen Z has the power in numbers to be the deciding demographic in this pivotal election, and we have plenty of ideas on how to continue the success of the Tesla give-a-way campaign. Time is running out, but with your help we can continue engaging young voters to ensure their voices are heard this election cycle. With more partnerships with influencers and use of social media in the works, the impact come November can be massive. 

Please join this effort. We need to raise $100,000 immediately to complete our voter outreach initiatives through November 3rd. Will you please pledge to give or get $5,000 to help us meet this goal? All donations to HeadCount are 100% tax deductible. For now, asking for a pledge, if we raise $100,000 will go forward and reply with instructions. 

I am happy and excited to discuss our work to date and future plans with you so please let me know good/best time and number to call. Or, if easier, email or text (631 375-6900) with your questions.

With my best wishes and thanks, Diane

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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