Trump and Zeldin Have Got to Go

Letter to the Editor, Published in The East Hampton Star

Danger to All
East Hampton
September 7, 2020

To the Editor:

Donald Trump is a political cockroach, lurking in the dark corners of conspiracy theories and blatant lies; shine the light of truth and he scurries away. We must keep calling him out, reminding people of the incredible damage he has inflicted on this country. From ignoring credible reports of Russian bounties on American soldiers to hawking quack “miracle” cures for Covid-19 to falsely casting Joe Biden as a radical Democrat who is controlled by “people in the dark shadows” (seriously, that’s a quote), the man is a danger to all. And those who have not only enabled him, but in fact amplified his delusional ravings, including Lee Zeldin, should be held responsible as well.

In November, we have a chance to restore sanity. Let’s not blow it.



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1 Response to Trump and Zeldin Have Got to Go

  1. jhewingoptonlinenet says:

    Right on Carol. No gloves and no holds barred anymore.

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