Unity Party 2020

This is a 1.5 hour video. Just in case you missed the event.

Featuring (in order of appearance) Alice Tepper Marlin, Sylvia Overby, Alec Baldwin, Diane Saatchi, Perry Gershon, David Posnett, Bridget Fleming, Rich Schaffer, David Calone, Nancy Goroff, Shoshana Hershkowitz, Jacob Sarkozi,


Comments on FB on this event:

David Burros 1:10:43 Just wanted to say congrats & good luck Nancy! My 2 cents: LASER focus on getting Democrats & Independents to vote. Do not waste your time talking to Republicans. There should be historic turnout in this election. Ride Joe’s coattails!
Anthony B. DePalma 33:00 Our next Congresswoman, 🎉☀️
Michele Evans 1:17:55 Thank you so much!!
Michele Evans 38:39 Nancy, so grateful. Please note I sent a message thru FB, and on your website and haven’t received responses. I’m not taking it personally 🙂 but rather want to ensure there are people in place to manage your social media. We need to reach young voters and interaction on social media is important.
Whitney Ralston 1:09:15 Thanks for reaching out and for your patience Michele. We are hard at work on-boarding for the general and social media is definitely a tool we will be using to connect with and engage young voters.
David Burros 1:14:52 Zeldin is so pro-trump. Use that against him
Barbara Feldman 23:06 That won’t convert his supporters
David Burros 0:00 Barbara Feldman couldn’t agree more. But it should galvanize any anti-trumpers who haven’t voted in the past to vote now
Wendy Feinberg 1:00:25 How can we volunteer?
Elizabeth Zapp 42:12 Q and A button?
Elizabeth Isabelle Royal 1:25 Hello!

Kathy Dwulit 24:40 Retire Zeldin

Wendy Feinberg 1:08:47 Can we hire buses to bring people to the polls?
Zoë Oka 27:56 And I will drive such a bus if necessary! (If my driver’s license permits – if not, I will get another license!)
David Burros 1:17:22 Push push push until November 3 9pm
Kathy Dwulit 17:19 Listen to Perry
Calvin Schaeffer 6:31 Let’s get rid of Zelden!
Wendy Feinberg 1:05:24 Thanks Whitney!

Kathy Dwulit 12:57 Loved Perry

Michele Evans 1:06:35 Thanks Whitney!
Kathy Dwulit 10:25 Zeldin is a minion of the President
Michele Evans 1:15:45 Just donated! Thank you!
David Burros 1:13:15 I’m ready & willing to volunteer
Elizabeth Zapp 29:09 Gotta love Science!!
Helenka Kinnan 13:37 Thank you Perry. Greetings from Rome, Italy.
Stephen Koch 50:21 Nancy is a teacher as well as a research scientist.

Cheryl Felice 1:00:47 Yes, we will work hard to help you win!

Michele Evans 28:50 So grateful to have an emphasis on science!
Michele Evans 54:30 If it wasn’t for Black Lives Matter, I don’t know if I would be here right now ready to fight for you. Please beat Lee Zeldon, and know that many of us are here to ensure there are great strides in racial equity.
Michele Evans 1:02:55 Whitney@goroffforcongress.com is her campaign manager ( they just shared this on the zoom chat.)

David Burros 1:16:33 Learn from Anna Throne Holst (‘16) & Perry Gershon (‘18)- why did they lose?

Zoë Oka 34:32 David Burros ~ thank you! I would very much like to hear strategy that takes those loses to heart and is prepared to deal with it.
Bob Sawchuk 1:14:05 Will there be TV commercials to respond to Lee Zeldin’s commercials about bi-partisan support in fighting the coronavirus & to respond to his terrible health care plan?
Cindy Smith 1:14:05 East End is not the only area sesitive to pollution and noise. It’s a big complaint around Stony Brook University.
Whitney Ralston 30:26 Don’t stop groundhogs day party in congress!!!

Zoë Oka 18:42



David Mayer 51:06 Please beat Zeldin!
Zoë Oka 1:14:36 Hi Shoshie!
Zoë Oka 1:32 Hello!
Joyce Claire Roper 28:34 LOL Dave!
Zoë Oka 1:11:27 I just signed up!
Zoë Oka 13:46 Thank you Perry!
Joyce Claire Roper 22:53 Thank you Bridget!!
Barbara Feldman 1:10:10 You think young people are the only person ones on Social Media?
Whitney Ralston 1:11:22 Michele’s question was about young voters so I answered accordingly. We will use social media to engage all voters that use the platforms.
Zoë Oka 1:06:50 I am willing to work against voter suppression in this election.

Lisa Eguizabal 1:07:45 Its going to a big campaign to suppress

Zoë Oka 16:45 Zeldin is a fake veteran. This, like all his claims are distortions that need to be exposed.

Cheryl Rice Krome 1:00:58 I pray you win. I have signed up twice to volunteer but haven’t gotten any response.

Cheryl Rice Krome 1:08:55 Hi Whitney. I did twice on the website. The first time in or before April. I will do it again but please contact me.
Zoë Oka 1:05:53 I am willing to help your campaign ensure residents in gordon heights get to vote!
Eric Gemunder 2:25 Yes, COVID-19 makes things life and death. So you need to support Medicare for All!




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Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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