Is the healthcare “free market” working for you?

Journalist Jon Walker published a new piece for The American Prospect titled, “A Guide to the Nightmare of Getting Health Insurance in a Pandemic,” which detailed the absurdity of the U.S. system.

Walker paints a picture of a healthcare system that is perhaps “not working” for those who need it most:



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2 Responses to Is the healthcare “free market” working for you?

  1. James Ewing says:

    “Perhaps not working”…?

  2. bcolbath42 says:

    The decision tree is actually quite simple to work through and actually quite good for someone to follow. I don’t understand the “not working” presumption unless you are unemployed and can’t enrolling the ACA and don’t qualify for Medicare/Medicaid. Most unemployed, if they remain so, shouts qualify for Medicaid at some point. The real question is why the GOP is making it so difficult, if not impossible, for folks to obtain coverage under the ACA. If that were not the case, this diagram would be much more straightforward.

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