Law and Order: not for Zeldin and Flynn

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Remember when Republicans were known as the “law and order” party?
Seems like a million years ago.
Let’s recap the saga of Mike Flynn:
  • November 2016: Trump announces Flynn as his incoming national security advisor.
  • December 2016: Flynn secretly talks to the Russian ambassador.
  • January 2017: Flynn tells the FBI he didn’t talk to the Russian ambassador.
  • February 2017: Flynn is fired by President Trump. Trump: “I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI.”
  • December 2017: Flynn pleads guilty to a felony, saying he “willfully and knowingly” made “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements” to the FBI.
  • 2018-2019: Flynn’s sentencing is repeatedly delayed…
  • April 2020: Lee Zeldin says he’d be “honored” and “proud” to serve with Flynn.
And finally, today: Donald Trump’s Attorney General drops the charges to which Flynn had already pleaded guilty. And Lee Zeldin celebrates on Twitter.
Equally unbelievable is Lee Zeldin’s defense and support of Flynn.
This is unacceptable behavior for a Member of Congress.
This is not the rule of the law.
This is not how a democracy is supposed to work.
If you break the law, you should get prosecuted. If you’re convicted or plead guilty, you should incur punishment. No matter how powerful your friends are.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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1 Response to Law and Order: not for Zeldin and Flynn

  1. John Hooker says:

    Great post. To the point and clear.

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