Visiting New York City

I have not been in the city since late February 2020. Much has changed.  It is now a ghost town.  Nobody rides the subway and there are no cabs.  On the bright side, there are plenty of parking spaces and little traffic.

A walk down East 86th street was depressing.  Over 3-4 blocks, there were numerous store closures, some temporary and others for good. There was retail space for rent or lease. There was a plea for donations via a Go-Fund-Me website from a restaurant called “Little Frog” addressed to it’s loyal customers.  Here are pictures taken on the evening of May 1st:

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You have to ask how long it will take to recover?  How many stores will go under? What will happen to real estate prices?  What will happen to jobs?

The city is definitely schizophrenic.  Less than 24 hours later on a beautiful spring Saturday, everyone it seems was out in Central Park.  Not much social distancing here.  With or without masks, there were picnics, frisbees, pick up basketball, and couples kissing!   Cyclists and joggers crowded the Central Park loop road.  Your usual spring weekend in the park.  There were so many people that 2 of them actually bumped into me by accident!  I have a sneaky feeling that the Coronavirus will be happy to spread again. And I wonder how many of these folks will visit the beaches in the Hamptons on a hot summer weekend.


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Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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3 Responses to Visiting New York City

  1. Laura Ahearn says:

    I hope you had your purell and you were wearing a mask!

  2. bcolbath42 says:

    The parking lot at Herrick Park in Montauk was 50% full this afternoon. Everyone socially distancing. New Yorkers know better.

    Bruce Colbath

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