Federal Formula for Stimulus Aid to Hospitals Punishes New York State 

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“The first 30 billion dollar distribution of federal coronavirus aid for hospitals is not being allocated based upon the incidence of COVID-19, but instead upon the number of Medicare recipients in 2019.

The use of this formula is disastrous as New York State and Long Island, the epicenter of the pandemic in the US, are slotted to receive minimal funding, far below what is desperately needed as our state and local governments attempt to manage this human catastrophe.

New York currently has 35% of the cases nationwide and is getting just 6% of the $30 million being distributed. According to Newsday, New York will receive $1.86 billion — less than the $2.9 billion for California with only 4% of the cases, $2.2 billion for Florida with only 3.6% of the cases, and $2.1 billion for Texas with only 2.2% of the cases.

State % of all COVID cases Billion as % of 30 billion total aid
New York 35.0% 1.86 6.2%
California 4.0% 2.9 9.7%
Florida 3.6% 2.2 7.3%
Texas 2.2% 2.1 7.0%


I strongly urge all of our Federal Representatives to stand up and fight to ensure that any additional federal aid is geared towards communities hardest hit and in the most need, like ours. For decades, New York residents have paid more in federal taxes than what we get back in return. Now is the time for Washington DC to be there for New Yorkers.”

By Laura Ahearn


Comment by D. Posnett: New York State is being ripped off and representatives, like Congressman Zeldin, will bear responsibility if this does not change.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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1 Response to Federal Formula for Stimulus Aid to Hospitals Punishes New York State 

  1. Mike Anthony says:

    Yeah. I saw Seema Verna (Director, Center for Medicare and Medicaid make that announcement. Terrible idea. NY’s public hospitals, eg, have few Medicare patients compared to private sector hospitals. Elmhurst Hospital, the facility most impacted by COVID-19 sees many more uninsured and Medicaid patients compared to other hospitals. Very unfair formula.

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