COVID-19 in Suffolk County

Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 2.38.53 PM just published the latest local figures for Suffolk County as of yesterday and they were obtained from the official  county site here:

conf. cases deaths population 2017 cases per 1000 people *
Islip: 395 333700 1.183697932
Huntington: 358 203276 1.761152325
Brookhaven: 281 486170 0.577987124
Babylon: 271 213,603 1.268708773
Smithtown: 120 117390 1.02223358
Southold: 107 22284 4.801651409
Riverhead: 39 33781 1.15449513
Southampton: 33 58439 0.564691388
East Hampton: 13 32000 0.40625
Shelter Island: 2 2421 0.826104915
other towns 261
total County 1880 18 1503064 1.25077841
at Peconic Landing 6

* some have proposed multiplying this number by 100 because most people are not getting tested (even those with symptoms).

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone reported 1,880 confirmed cases countywide which is a jump of 422 from the day before. Of that number, 163 are hospitalized, with 50 in intensive care.

Southold is particularly hard hit.  The Peconic Landing retirement community in Greenport has reported a sixth death related to coronavirus.

Ventilators in Suffolk County

With the desperate need for ventilators , Bellone said 25 are headed to Suffolk County. While numbers were not known for how many are available countywide, Bellone said that number is “woefully inadequate for what that need will be.”

Personal Note (regarding testing)

Contrary to the incredible efficiency of the South Koreans in testing everyone and containing the virus, see this NYT article,  we are still struggling.  For instance, after a few attempts, costing me hours on the phone to get thru to the county health officials, I finally got them to agree to test me (I have a bad cough and fever). This was finally done 2 days ago, but the test result (Quest Labs) is not expected for one week.  There are also no plans to have the 6 others staying in our house tested even though one of them also has symptoms!  We have been under self-quarantine for weeks now.  But some kind of public enforcement should occur. Even if it is just phone calls to follow up on our progress, from the health department.  I highly recommend reading about how South Korea has flattened the curve.

Considering that this is the richest nation on earth, with supposedly the most advanced healthcare, we deserve an ‘F’. It is too late to change the course of COVID-19 in the US I fear.  But in the meantime, we should all consider volunteering.  There are many opportunities and there will be more.

I called the county to volunteer as a retired MD.  I may perhaps be Corona virus-positive right now, but when I recover and come out of self-quarantine, I could not be safer, knowing that I will have acquired disease-fighting antibodies.  Those of us that have recovered and those that test positive for the presence of antibodies will be ideally suited to help care for the sick and critical patients.

Gov. Cuomo has announced that he wants retired health care professionals to be recruited. Suffolk county is just starting an effort along these lines.  I contacted Suffolk County Medical Reserve Corp.  Here is their response:

Thank you for contacting us. Volunteer opportunities exist within the Suffolk County Medical Reserve Corp.   Please visit this site for more information and to join through the NYS HCS:

From that point you will be contacted for an assignment.

Jennie Nedell , Volunteer Programs Coordinator


I will warn you about the sign-up process which puts you into  It is cumbersome but I will gladly help you with it!

I urge you to sign up now.  Jennie is very friendly and willing to help.  They have possible jobs for all of us and much can be done from home (where you might be under self-isolation), electronically or by phone, etc.  If you are elderly, or no longer registered as a health care professional or can’t travel around the county, don’t worry, they have jobs for you!

It will get crazy in 1-3 weeks when the system is overrun.  Now is the time to sign up to volunteer.


About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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