Trump’s Incompetence

Published as Letter to the Editor in The East Hampton Star, March 12 edition

East Hampton
March 9, 2020

Dear David:

During an impromptu press conference at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday, President Trump: maintained that anyone who wants to get tested for coronavirus can (not true); said he preferred the cruise ship off the coast of San Francisco stay offshore because “I don’t need the numbers to double because of one ship;” asked about the ratings he got on a Fox News town hall the night before (“I’ve been told the ratings were record-breaking”); and repeatedly talked about how shocked he was to find out that the flu kills people.

Trump’s incompetence is on display nearly every time he speaks, but watching an entire press conference (or reading a transcript) lays bare the full extent of his rambling incoherence, breathtaking ignorance, and vicious pettiness. November can’t come soon enough.



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2 Responses to Trump’s Incompetence

  1. James ewing says:

    Cutting right to the chase Carol.

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