Zeldin Still Thinks President Did Nothing Wrong

Letter to the Editor, The East Hampton Star

Let’s Show Them
East Hampton
February 10, 2020

To the Editor:

The impeachment trial showed beyond a doubt that the president tried to extort a foreign leader to interfere in an upcoming election on not just one occasion, but several, that many people in the administration were aware of and complicit in that effort, and that Senate Republicans had zero interest in getting to the truth, instead holding a trial that called no witnesses, including those with firsthand knowledge.

It is now clear that we are on a runaway train heading straight toward authoritarian rule. At least Schiff and Co. tried to pull the emergency brake. But since that didn’t work, it really is up to us.

Let’s show them that most Americans respect this country and its most fundamental principles of democracy, that most Americans believe a president should not run his administration like a mob boss, that most Americans expect a president to lead by example, not one who leads by bullying and lying, punishing anyone who dares to disagree.

And in November, let’s remember that our representative, Lee Zeldin, still insists that the president did absolutely nothing wrong.



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