Plastic Pollution of the Oceans

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LTE: Washes Up
East Hampton Star
January 13, 2020

To the Editor:

On Jan. 5 Lee Zeldin tweeted, “So ridiculous. Apparently, this is from a new county law here in Suffolk.” The tweet was accompanied by a photo of a sign in a Dunkin’ Donuts that read, “We can no longer offer you straws or put them out for you to help yourself . . . you must ask us for a straw.”

So this is news to Mr. Zeldin, and he thinks it’s ridiculous? Legislation banning plastic straws that has been talked and written about since the beginning of last year and signed into law on Earth Day, April 22, is news to him? That this legislation had the support of many restaurants is probably also news to him.

Wake up, Mr. Zeldin. We live on an island. Anyone who has taken an early morning walk on the beach can tell you the amount of plastic that washes up is disturbing.

We deserve a representative who is not only aware of what is going on in this district but who is willing to step up and support solutions to the urgent environmental issues of the day. We can do better than a climate change denier whose contributions are a cavalier attitude and snarky tweets.



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About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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2 Responses to Plastic Pollution of the Oceans

  1. Rep. Zeldin bills himself as an environmentalist! Once again 2 faced Lee shows up. In case he (or anyone) wants to read up on plastic pollution of the oceans, here is a place to start:
    Plastic straws are a minor part of the problem but its something easy that everyone can do. I never liked Dunkin Donuts coffee anyways.

  2. John Hooker says:

    Way to go, David. This kind of arrogance from Zeldin says a lot. Totally unacceptable.

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