#NotAboveTheLaw – Rallies across America

On the eve preceding the historic vote of congress to impeach President Trump, there were rallies across America: more than 500 rallies in 50 states involving perhaps 0.5 Mio protestors.

I attended the rally in Patchogue NY, in front of the offices of Lee Zeldin, Trump apologist extraordinaire.  The story is already on News 12.  And here it is in Newsday.

It was truly electrifying.  In pouring and freezing rain, some 500 protestors showed up!

A note from one of the organizers:  Last night’s ‘impeach and remove’ event in Patchogue was a huge success! Despite the freezing rain, more than 500 people turned out to uphold the constitution, defend our democracy, and stand for the rule of law. (Read about the event in Newsday and News12LI.)

The patriotism, commitment, and indomitable spirit of those who attended was inspiring!

Whatever happens in the Senate, rest assured that we are on the right side of history.

Thanks! Amy

Here are some videos and photos:








IMG_5721 2






IMG_5729 2

About D. Posnett MD

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2 Responses to #NotAboveTheLaw – Rallies across America

  1. James Ewing says:

    Big, powerful effort leading us all into the next very big election process.
    Never give up, never…!

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