Zeldin Ignores Constituents While Endlessly Defending Corrupt President

Letter to the Editor, The East Hampton Star, December 5, 2019

Clue Mr. Zeldin In

To the Editor:

Lee Zeldin has been tweeting up a storm and appearing on cable news with alarming regularity, barely able to conceal his fury about the impeachment inquiry. In fact, he has tweeted several times about “an enraged liberal activist base desperate to take down a sitting president.”

Can someone please clue Mr. Zeldin in that many of these allegedly enraged liberal activists are, in fact, his constituents, and in reality are law-abiding, patriotic citizens who are appalled by the actions of a lawless president? He would know this if he ever held a town hall (which he hasn’t in over two years).

Where was this passion and energy when SALT was being debated? During that time there was barely a peep out of him, and certainly no attempt to rally colleagues to fight it, even though he openly acknowledged it would have dire consequences for Long Island. And it has. Housing prices on the East End have declined because of it, and many households have lost thousands of dollars because of the cap it imposed on state and local tax deductions.

Zeldin richly deserves to be voted out of office. Use your vote to let him know that when we sent him to D.C., it was to represent Congressional District 1, not a corrupt president.



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