PATTERNS OF DECEPTION: Obstruction, Corruption & Abuse of Power

Patterns of Deception 


Acknowledgments: Karen Hobert Flynn and Paul Seamus Ryan co-authored this report.

The authors thank the 1.2 million Common Cause supporters whose small-dollar donations fund more than 70% of our annual budget for our nonpartisan work strengthening the people’s voice in our democracy. Thank you to the Common Cause National Governing Board for its leadership and support. We also thank Susannah Goodman, Aaron Scherb, Jay Riestenberg and William Steiner for assistance with the content; Melissa Brown Levine for copy editing, Kerstin Vogdes Diehn for design, and Scott Blaine Swenson for strategic communications support. This report is complete as of November 20, 2019.



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1 Response to PATTERNS OF DECEPTION: Obstruction, Corruption & Abuse of Power

  1. From Bruce Colbath:
    The most important section of this is that concerning the Senate Rules governing impeachment. The interesting wrinkle is that they were drafted by Rs for the impeachment of Clinton, and appear quite favorable to the trying party. Now the trying party is the Dems — it will be interesting to see if the rules are rewritten. Overarching all of this is that a simple majority vote is sufficient to overrule any issue initiated or ruled on by the Presiding Officer, meaning that any attempt by the CJ (chief justice) to force the appearance of witnesses, although so empowered, will not get the chance to effectuate that power with respect to Pompeo, Mulvaney, Cippolone, Bolton, and anyone else in the Executive suite.

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