Zeldin: Enabler of Trump’s Mob-rule


The Daily Beast: this is the Dems “golden opportunity” to beat Zeldin and  calls Zeldin one of the Trump family’s “favorite congressmen,” a Trump “attack dog” “owned” by Freedom Caucus founder Representative Jim Jordan.

From The Daily Beast: “Democrats hoping to finally oust Zeldin realize that his political hopes will likely live or die on how impeachment plays. Perry Gershon, his 2018 Democratic opponent… is treating the impeachment push as a golden opportunity to argue that Zeldin is no longer in touch with his district.

The Daily Beast is right – Lee Zeldin doesn’t care about repealing the SALT cap, bringing high-paying jobs to Long Island, or lowering prescription drug prices. He’s totally out of touch with our district.

The Daily Beast also notes Zeldin’s extremism compared to other Republicans, a key reason why we need to beat him in 2020: “The impeachment inquiry….has placed Republican members of Congress largely into two categories: those who are willing to concede discomfort with the president’s actions and those who are determined to show their loyalty and devotion. Few have embraced the latter mission more than Zeldin.

We need to unseat an unhinged right-winger who has “gone off into crazy Trumpworld” and rally behind our campaign to make Long Island affordable, to achieve universal health coverage, and to protect our cherished water.

Perry Gershon

Rush $5 today to show Lee Zeldin we know he’s a willing enabler of Trump’s mob-rule presidency.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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