GOP Asleep at the Security Booth

Letter published in The Boston Globe

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Lawmakers must hold a lawless president accountable.

In “GOP needs a soul cleansing” (Boston Globe, Ideas, Oct. 6), Michael A. Cohen expressed a basic solution to our problem. Lawmakers in the Senate must hold a lawless president accountable. America aspires to lofty goals that provide security and possibility. Somehow the negativity of “American carnage” has permeated the country’s spirit. Donald Trump claims that he alone can fix it. He has spent his time destroying our civility and trampling on the Constitution, but fortunately there is a solution, and it lies with Republican senators.

I was told many years ago by a US senator that he wanted to become a senator because it was the world’s most exclusive club. The membership should include having a backbone and not becoming a moral pygmy.

The civic lessons we learned in grammar school should be obvious to every legislator. The law requires that the Trump administration ends. The Founding Fathers saw him coming and provided a clear process to derail this runaway train.

It’s time to act in the name of justice. I studied hard to pass the bar exam. What was the point if our nation’s lawmakers ignore the high crimes and misdemeanors that are right in front of them?


Steven A. Ludsin, East Hampton, N.Y.

About D. Posnett MD

Emeritus Prof. of Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College
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