Trump (and Zeldin) are creating MS13’s across America

On Feb 5, 2019, at 7:36 AM, Judith Hope wrote:

“It’s all about spotlighting MS13 to inflame support for his Wall. It needs to be said (often & loudly) that gang violence is largely a result of young people who have been separated from parental influence.  Trump and the GOP have separated thousands of young children & youths from their families at the border, and LOST TRACK of them! They are responsible for creating future MS13’s all over America.”
I don’t know many gang members!  But I know of one example (hear say info). They are a set of brothers.  The younger one was born prematurely because his mother was beat up by his dad when she was 26 weeks pregnant.  The mother later died of unknown causes and the father was essentially absentee, siring many children from different partners.  He was a wife beater.  The 2 boys (both born in this country) were picked up by the Latin Kings and taught how to become car thiefs.  They both spent time in jail.  They can be violent.  They never had parents…


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