Greta Thunberg, What Can We Do? Individual + National Actions

Dear Friends,

David Posnett recently posted a compelling video of 16 year old Greta Thunberg reading a letter “Our House is On Fire” at Davos.  “I want you to panic” she says.

It is worth finding other news about her, and absorbing her clear, crystal clear, alarm bell.  In one, with her father on a science panel, an audience member asks what can be done?  They all agreed: nations can put a price on carbon.

Many of us have been following and analyzing the two carbon pricing bills introduced this past December by the House and Senate.  This is excellent work.

There is news this week:  the 2018 bill has been reintroduced:  H.R.763 – To create a Carbon Dividend Trust Fund for the American people in order to encourage market-driven innovation of clean energy technologies and market efficiencies which will reduce harmful pollution and leave a healthier, more stable and more prosperous nation for future generations.


Climate March on Washington, April 2017

I have been active with Citizens Climate Lobby for four years, which has been working for over 10 years to establish a bi-partisan Climate Solutions Caucus to get the ball rolling on a carbon bill.  Co-sponsors of H.R. 763, Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL), say this week is a “soft roll out” and soon they will have a press conference. 

Now 16, Greta stopped eating at age 12 and basically had a nervous breakdown when she saw how we all, Swedes, Americans, everyone, basically ignore this climate disaster looming.  We do nothing. We don’t talk about it.  It’s not the daily headline.  

For Greta and her generation, for us all, we need to stop the cognitive dissonance.  We need to talk about this, we need tell our family, friends, neighbors, our community.  We need to tell Congress we want this bill passed!

1. Write our own members of Congress – use CCL’s easy tool:

2. Spread the word, through social media, over coffee. 

3. Write letters to the editor, and mention co-sponsors Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL), Rep. Francis Rooney (R-FL) and our Rep. Zeldin who is a member of the Bi-Partisan Climate Solutions Caucus (if you mention them, they will see it!).  Ask Zeldin to sponsor the bill!

Friends, this is good news.  America has a bi-partisan plan.  A path to reverse global warming.  It is transparent, market-based, does not enlarge government, leaves energy decisions to individual choices, meets the goals of the Clean Energy Plan and Paris Climate.  

This is a game changer.  Greta, all of us, need your voice now. 

Thank you. 

Mary Morgan


About Mary Foster Morgan

Co-founder, Drawdown East End (, a grass roots group with a mission to inspire our community to actively engage in solutions that reduce greenhouse gases and achieve drawdown. Formerly executive director of the Guggenheim Learning Through Art program in New York, Mary moved from art to science -- working with the Cornell Marine Program on the North Fork helping to launch a community-based aquaculture training and restoration effort (SPAT), and to local food -- helping launch Slow Food East End. Mary has deep roots in the East End, for generations her family lived and farmed in East Hampton. She currently lives in Orient.
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4 Responses to Greta Thunberg, What Can We Do? Individual + National Actions

  1. James Ewing says:

    Excellent post, Mary. Thanks for your steady persistence.

  2. Mary McfMorgan says:

    Thank you James, and for your impressive analysis of the carbon dividend bill. So many of us are working to get this bill passed, an exciting game-changer for moving the US economy into the clean energy future!

  3. Mary McfMorgan says:

    I just read an interview with Greta in Earth Island Journal, where she continues her #FridayForFuture movement, sitting outside the Swedish Parliament to push her government for legislative action on reducing carbon pollution. Other students join her, and it’s catching on around the world, especially Australia. If adult Americans don’t pressure our government, I hope our children will. How many more have to stop eating for us to demand a carbon fee?

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